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Fix winload.exe missing or corrupt file

September 04, 2013

When winload.exe is corrupt or missing, you'll encounter problems such as a popup error message on a black/grey/blue recovery screen, failure to boot up, system crashes and freezing, failure to verify the digital signature, error in installation of windows 7, failure to start CPU, and so on.

What is winload.exe?

Winload.exe is a Windows file created by Microsoft Corporation. The file is usually found in C:\Windows\system32 folder. If you find it anywhere else, please note that winload.exe could be a virus, Trojan, worm, or spyware. The location of the file can vary in different Windows versions or languages. This is an executable file. You can find it running in Task Manager as the process winload.exe.

Winload.exe (Windows Boot Loader) is a small piece of software, called a system loader, that's started by BOOTMGR, the boot manager used in Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista operating systems.

Winload.exe was first introduced with Windows Vista. In older versions of Windows, like Windows XP, the loading of ntoskrnl.exe is done by NTLDR, which also serves as the boot manager. Winload.exe is used to load ntoskrnl.exe, a core part of Windows.

Winload.exe error messages

Because winload.exe is so important that it tends to become missing, corrupt or unable to be loaded. And you'll receive the following error codes:

  1. File : \windows\system32\winload.exe Status:0xc00000e9 about boot error
  2. File : \windows\system32\winload.exe Status : 0xc0000001 about failure to be loaded
  3. File : \windows\system32\winload.exe Status:0xc0000428 about digital signature failure
  4. File : /windows/system32/winload.exe Status:0xc0000221 about black screen
  5. File : /windows/system32/winload.exe Status:0xc000035a about boot error
  6. File : \windows\systems32\windoad.exe Status: 0xc000000f about boot error
  7. File : \Windows\System32\winload.exe error code 0xc000000e about blue recovery screen
  8. File : \windows\system32\winload.exe. Status: 0xc000007b about windows failed to start
  9. File : \Windows\system32\winload.exe Status: 0xc0000225 about boot error
  10. File : \Windows\system32\winload.exe Status: 0xc000000i.

Causes of winload.exe error

The above error code directly resulted from missing or corrupt winload.exe. The most typical causes for the 'Dll Errors' are a faulty RAM or device driver, incorrectly written, installed or updated software, malware applications or even Windows security features.

How to resolve winload.exe issue

If the winload.exe problem is due to virus infection, you need to run an antivirus scan with your favorite security software. Then you have to fix the registry for sure.

What's more, the DLL Errors are usually caused by a lack of maintenance of your computer and corrupt registry keys that slowly yet surely pile up as you install and delete programs, especially when you install new programs over old ones that were not deleted fully. To get rid of the DLL Errors you could attempt to go through each and every one of the registry entries manually but this would prove to take a lot of time and be exhausting.

If you are not a computer expert the manual registry would take your over a week. In addition, if you make mistakes while changing registry entries there is a chance you'll make things even worst by damaging important registry records. If you are not a computer person then use special professional software such as DLL Tool to repair your registry.

Fix and download missing winload.exe with DLL Tool for free

So use the professional all repair DLL Tool to fix winload.exe problems and related registry errors. It supports auto fix of all the DLL errors with 1-click repair function. Then download winload.exe file and register it automatically for free.

To prevent the winload.exe 0xc error codes from occurring, you are recommended to regularly run the scan of DLL Tool to remove any potential possibility of making 0xc winload.exe missing or corrupted.

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