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Error Code 0x80070057

February 14, 2014

When you try to update programs, create system repair disks, back up and restore system, reinstall software programs, open defrag.exe and other tasks in your computer, you would receive error pop-up saying not a valid Win 32 file, along with error code 0x80070057.

When error 0x80070057 occurs, you cannot:

  1. sign into the Bing toolbar and receive
  2. rotate pictures in Windows Live Photo Galllery
  3. save pictures
  4. download photos from your phone
  5. Send/Receive emails in Outlook 2010
  6. zip/unzip files, run Windows 8.1 Store and more

The cause of 0x80070057 error is because the parameter of your system .exe applications is incorrect.

To fix error 0x80070057 on your computer, please take following steps:

Step 1 - Run a virus scan to ensure your computer is virus free

Virus, spyware, Trojan and malware take the vulnarabilities in the EXE files to illegal purposes. Once these files are modified, they can't perform their default tasks, but to run the tasks introduced by virus and spyware.

To scan your computer, here we suggest that you try using the latest antivirus software IU Antivirus.

Step 2 - Clean up Windows registry

When the parameter of the EXE files are changed, their registry keys also are changed. So before you fix EXE files, please clean up your Windows registry first and then optimize the registry. To run these 2 tasks, please open DLL Tool and check its Performance tab to continue.

Step 3 - Replace all EXE files in C:\Windows\System32

After you can your computer with IU Antivurs and clean up the registry with DLL Tool, please click on the DLL tab on the DLL Tool and check the errors in EXE files.

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