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libcurl.dll is missing

May 09, 2014

DLL ToolDLL Tool helps fix libcurl.dll is missing or was not found error for Microsoft Windows 8.1/8/7/XP/Vista/XP, both 32 and 64 bits OS.


The DLL module libcurl.dll works to execute the UI of the software programs installed in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Its default location is C:\Windows\System32\ and the file size is 728 KB.


When their is problem with libcurl .dll, your computer will display following error message during Windows and program startup:

  1. The program cannot start up, the file libcurl.dll is missing from your computer, please try to reinstall the program to fix this issue.
  2. Program UI (User Interface) disappears.


The cause of the errors is your computer has been affected by virus and spyware, here we list the top 10 computer threats:

  1. Win32/Expiro
  2. Trojan:Win32/Beaugrit
  3. TrojanDownloader:Win32/Lerspeng.B
  4. Exploit:HTML/Fiexp.C
  5. TrojanDownloader:Win32/Onkods
  6. Backdoor:Win32/Caphaw.AH
  7. TrojanDropper:Win32/Rovnix.L
  8. Worm:MSIL/Crilock.A
  9. TrojanDropper:O97M/Poshkod.gen!A
  10. Backdoor:Win32/Caphaw.AG


To fix missing libcurl.dll error, please take following 3 steps:

  1. Use your latest antivirus software to remove the virus and malware from your computer.
  2. Reinstall the old version of the program that is causing libcure error.
  3. Use DLL TOOL to download and replace libcurl.dll file.