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mpclient.dll is missing

May 09, 2014

DLL ToolDLL Tool downloads mpclient.dll and repairs mpclient dll is missing or was not found problem for Microsoft Windows 8.1/8/7/XP/Vista OS, both 32 and 64 bits.

About Mpclient.dll

Mpclient.dll is a Client Interfacing module belonging to Microsoft Corporation's Windows Defender. It is located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client. Windows Defender, previously known as Windows Anti-Spyware, is an anti-spyware application capable of scanning the user's computer systems for a variety of malicious files, including viruses, malware and spyware; it also runs a number of other security features such as personal firewalling.

The Windows Defender (WinDefend) service scans your computer and helps protect your computer against pop-ups, slow performance, and security threats caused by spyware and other unwanted software.

This service is installed by default and its startup type is Automatic. By default it logs on using the Local System account. The Windows Defender service is dependent upon the following system components: Remote Procedure Call (RPC), DCOM Server Process Launcher, RPC Endpoint Mapper.

Common signs of mpclient.dll errors

  1. Msseces.exe cannot be found. That application could not start because mpclient.dll cannot be found. Reinstalling this application may solve this problem.
  2. The procedure entry point Mp Register Event notification could not be located in dynamic link library MpClient.dll.
  3. Windows defender can't load because it's missing: mpclient.dll.
  4. MSASCui.exe - Bad image. C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MpClient.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or contains an error.
  5. Unable to turn on Microsoft Essentials error mpclient.dll not found.

Causes of Mpclient.dll errors

One of the main causes of Mpclient.dll error is that Mpclient.dll is corrupted, thus leading to a broken entry point to its executable. Mpclient.dll will become corrupted when there is virus or spyware infection, or a broken key in the registry.

Another cause is the settings of firewall of Windows Defender against any third-party antivirus or antispyware software. The problem is that Windows Firewall willingly relinquishes hold to any third party Antivirus/Firewall. The jury is still out as to whether this is the fault of Microsoft or the third party applications.


a) If Mpclient.dll is missing, there may be other parts of Windows Defender missing, so you might uninstall Windows Defender, reboot and reinstall Windows Defender, or if you care to see if just replacing the file is all you need to do, there is one on DLL TOOL you can download, then you might want to figure out how it came to be missing in the first place, or it might just go missing again.

It is assured absolutely that the Microsoft engaged Support Engineer expert advice to run SFC /scannow will not replace the missing file and is just another one of their wild goose chase ideas whenever there is a problem that has a file that ends in DLL. Obviously, the Microsoft engaged expert has not bothered to recreate the problem and test this guess.

Windows File Protection and therefore the System File Checker does not know or care about this file and that is not how sfc /scannow works, that is not what it does and that is not what it is for. SFC hardly fixes anything and in reality usually fixes just about nothing and is generally a frustrating waste of time.

If you want to see if just replacing the file will work, here's how:

At first, scan for virus or spyware, then use DLL TOOL to download and reinstall Mpclient.dll for free; DLL TOOL is connected to well preserved database of collection of all dll files, freeing you of any trouble being infected while looking for Mpclient.dll file online.

You can download it and when you do, put a copy of the file in these folders (assuming Windows is installed on your C drive): C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client

If you are seeing one of the error messages above, replacing the file might work but if that is the only file that is missing, you may wonder how it came to be missing in the first place - something went wrong somewhere and there may be other files missing too. So DLL TOOL will autodetect the operating system for other missing files and have them fixed if necessary.

b) If the problem is related to the settings of firewall of Windows Defender, what you must do is uninstall any antivirus third party programs. Several of these organizations have their own uninstall, which is useful at this moment.

However, unfortunately that is not the end of the story. If you have the knowledge, it is them necessary to open the registry and do a search for any remnants of the program (Norton, for example). DLL TOOL will make you be an expert with performing this troubleshooting process. It is able to locate and remove any invalid registry entries, resolving the issue.

When completed, reboot your computer and open DLL TOOL to run a full scan. If all has gone well, there should be no Mpclient.dll error found and your pc is recovered to normal.