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dllhost.exe com surrogate multiple error

May 14, 2014

DLL ToolDLL Tool downloads dllhost.exe to fix multiple Com Surrogate for PCs running Microsoft Windows 8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, including *32 and *64 bits.

What is dllhost.exe?

Dllhost.exe is a process file of MS Software Shadow Copy Provider and it belongs to Microsoft Windows Operating System. Dllhost.exe is the Windows DCOM DLL Host Process. It executes COM+ DLLs and controls processes in the Internet Information Services (IIS). As such, is utilized by many different applications, including Visual Basic and .NET applications.

This file produces a surrogate process in which to host COM+ applications, and is provided by Component Services in Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server. COM+ allow for the development and use of distributed applications.

Dllhost.exe provides the necessary hooks to allow existing COM DLLs to behave as a local (or remote) server by wrapping them into a surrogate process. The dllhost.exe utility will load COM-based DLLs and expose their functionality from a distinct process, leaving the COM servers code base unaltered.

This process is a system process that is essential to the system's proper operation. Despite this, it is generally safe to kill a misbehaved dllhost.exe, as it will only terminate the particular COM+ DLL that is being run. Removing the executable altogether, however, will render your system unable to execute COM+ DLLs and thus render significant parts of the system useless.

There can be any number of instances of this process running at a given time. The presence of multiple instances is a not an indicator of a malware infection. Beware, though: dllhost allows any COM+ DLL to be executed, which means a malicious DLL could be running as the genuine dllhost.exe. If this process is exhibiting suspicious behavior, be sure to look deeper.

Error messages of dllhost.exe

  1. Windows Vista- dllhost.exe high CPU usage.
  2. Windows 7 dllhost.exe memory leak.
  3. Dllhost.exe slowing down the pc performance.
  4. Dllhost.exe is using 100% of your CPU.
  5. Dllhost.exe constantly opening and closing.
  6. Dllhost.exe com surrogate constantly running 10-12% of CPU and 1,000,000 plus K of memory.
  7. Dllhost.exe causing excessive use of CPU and blank crash windows.
  8. Dllhost.exe is restarting all the time.

The problem appears mostly when dllhost.exe attempts to create a thumbnail of a media file, but for some reason cannot complete the task, and starts reading the hard drive non stop and filling all physical Ram, and starts using the swap file, slowing down or freezing the computer.

Why do I have dllhost.exe errors?

Many computer problems are caused by human error, corrupted files, virus activity, overloads of this and that.

Because dllhost.exe allows any COM+ DLL to be executed, and as such the executing DLL will appear as dllhost.exe, any misbehaved COM+ DLL could cause dllhost.exe to use 100% CPU time. Kill the offending dllhost.exe instance to try to determine the cause. This dynamic link library and multiple instances run especially on web servers or servers using IIS effecting the CPU utilization.

Dllhost.exe is the host process which runs ANY requested DLLs which are registered on your machine. So yes, this can be used to run a virus. Some malicious files will have the same name as this process but will be stored somewhere other than in %SystemRoot%\System32. Other malware will use a name that appears similar to it but has slight differences in spelling or with appended or removed digits.

When it is infected with malicious file, it calls upon other variants it can automatically download from the internet, to rummage more intently through your files for passwords, credit card numbers, and who knows what else. It can automatically call upon variants from the internet if they are needed.

Consequently, all applications on computer freeze up, CPU maxed out, couldn't do anything, even Ctrl-Alt-Del took minutes to respond!

Solutions to dllhost.exe errors

Method 1

You have to know the general situation of dllhost.exe at first, so right-click on it in Process Explorer and looking into properties. First try looking into the "Command Line" value. Anyway, the solution is to download and install a freeware program which generates all video files thumbnails instead of windows.

Before you install it you should kill the dllhost.exe if it is running. After the installation, just open a folder or select a file to see the thumbnails generate quickly and without any problems.

Method 2

Scan for virus. Use DLL TOOL to scan your system and look for any malware by the built-in and most up to date collection of virus, spyware and Trojan in it. The registry keys of detected malware will be removed by DLL TOOL.

As we know, adware and Trojan can cause the pc crash by modifying or destroying the registry so that the pc won't execute normally. After the virus and Trojan are uninstalled, the registry is also changed or destroyed. DLL TOOL will be ready for help with its auto scan and fix of dllhost.exe associated registry issues.

Besides, this repair tool is able to diagnose any dll error relative to dllhost.exe and fix them to recover your pc!