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mscoree.dll not found or could not be loaded

May 16, 2014

DLL ToolDLL Tool downloads mscoree.dll and saves to its default location at C:\Windows\System32\ folder to repair mscoree.dll winetricks not found or could not be loaded Outlook add-in for PCs running Microsoft Windows 8.1/8/7/XP/Vista OS, both 32 and 64 bits.

About mscoree.dll

As part of Microsoft.net, Mscoree.dll is a Microsoft Runtime Execution Engine. It is a web services strategy that connects information, systems, people and devises through software. It also provides the ability to quickly built, manage, deploy and security-enhanced solutions with Web services. Its common path is c: \ Windows \ System.

Mscoree.dll contains the.NET framework functions. The .NET framework provides means to access functionality that implement executed programs outside the .NET environment. Mscoree.dll calls the other functions of the .NET framework to provide introduction to the Common Type System (CTS) specifications. It defines all the possible data types and programs that construct supports through CLR. The .NET framework supports the development of multiple programming languages.

The Base Class Library (BCL) is the other functions of the .NET framework. The BCL is part of the Framework Class Library (FCL). These libraries communicate with Mscoree.dll to encapsulate a number of common functions such as file reading and writing. It is also used for graphic rendering, database interaction and XML document manipulation. These class libraries are used by the programmers in combining with their own code to produce applications.

Mscoree.dll calls the functions of the .NET framework to simplify the deployment installation of the computer software. The user must carefully manage the installation of computer software without interfering the previously installed software and it must conform to the increase of the stringent security requirements.

The .NET framework includes tools and design features that help address these requirements. Mscoree.dll is used to manage the programs runtime requirements. These runtime requirements are also known as the Common Language Runtime (CLR) that provides the appearance of an application virtual machine. In this case, the programmers need not to consider the capabilities of the specific CPU that will execute program. The CLR also gives important services like security mechanisms, exception handling and memory management. Mscoree.dll can be downloaded in DLL TOOL and can be installed on older versions of Windows.

What are the errors of mscoree.dll?

In some case this dll file starts to display errors, when your system becomes unable to find mscoree.dll file. Error messages of this dll files appears in many formats, as follows:

  1. Application has failed to start because mscoree.dll was not found.
  2. Mscoree.dll is missing.
  3. Microsoft security essentials freezes on mscoree.dll.
  4. Faulting application MineExe.exe, faulting module MSCOREE.DLL_unloaded.
  5. The procedure entry point CLRCreateInstance could not be located in the dynamic link library mscoree.dll.
  6. C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\MSCOREE is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or software vendor for support.

What are causes of mscoree.dll errors?

The problem maybe due to the absence of the .NET Framework on the target computer when your system is basically attempting to read or load up the missing component of mscoree.dll. If some programs are trying to use the .NET framework application, and your system doesn't have it, then system displays such errors to signify that it require to load up a file that is not found.

Besides the absence of the .NET Framework, another major cause of recurring mscoree.dll errors is malware infection. Malware programs, such as virus, worm, and Trojans delete or modify the codes embedded in DLL files. To prevent this, install the reliable antimalware software DLL TOOL on your computer and schedule regular virus/malware scans of your entire system.

If the mscoree.dll file saved on your computer becomes corrupt, programs and applications may fail to use the file and you may receive recurring mscoree.dll errors. You may also encounter dll errors when your system has the outdated or old drivers. It's really important to use updated drivers because old drivers are not compatible to some programs of the system.

One of the main causes behind this dll error is the issues with registry files. Damaged registry files can throws many errors including mscoree.dll. It is a central database in which Windows saves a large list of the dll file, settings of applications and so on.

How to fix mscoree.dll errors?

The first thing you have to perform in order to fix mscoree.dll error is to install the application of .NET framework on your system. You can easily have it from the website of Microsoft and its installation is easy and fixes the emergence of mscoree.dll error in most of the cases.

Then, scan for virus and remove any virus if found. DLL TOOL has a collection of current malware and their corresponding fixes for you to make a choice for troubleshooting. Furthermore, you need to repair the affected registry entries. This comprehensive repair tool is able to clean or recover damaged registry entries.

Besides, you can update the outdated driver files by the free download feature of DLL TOOL, check your system for any dll errors related to mscoree.dll file.