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wmiaprpl.dll WBEM failed error 1008

May 18, 2014

DLL ToolDLL Tool downloads wmiaprpl.dll and repairs wmiaprpl dll failed to load wbem error 1008 for PCs running Microsoft Windows 8.1/8/7/XP/Vista OS, including 32 and 64 bits.

About Wmiaprpl.dll

WmiApRpl.dll is the WMI Performance Reverse Adapter. WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) is part of the XP system and just runs once in a while doing various things. Third party applications can use WMI and so can you, if you're so inclined. Wmiaprpl.dll is part of the WMI service that allows for an interface with your operating system. WMI helps run applications, services and devices.

Wmiaprpl.dll is an integral Dynamic Link Library process, and without it your Windows OS will not work correctly. It also might affect how well the WMI application provides operating system alerts about your equipment drivers. This service is available in all versions of Windows 7 and configured for an automatic start. It logs on using the Local System account by default.

WMI service provides a common interface and object model to access management information about operating system, devices, applications and services. If this service is stopped, most Windows-based software will not function properly. If you don't want your computer to work, set this to Disabled.

This service is required if you want to see the Dependencies tab in service configuration and you want everything to go smoothly. It collects and provides system management information by tracking applications and drivers.

WMI is an implementation of Distributed Management Task Force's (DMTF) Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM). WBEM is a set of open, industry-defined specifications that unify and extend the management of enterprise-computing environment.

The central part of WMI is the CIMOM (Common Interface Model Object Manager) which is an interface to the CIM (Common Information Model) which actually is a data container. WMI makes it possible for drivers, services, applications to return information in form of data or events into the CIM.

Errors of Wmiaprpl.dll

You might receive errors that the wmiaprpl.dll file is missing, which could result in basic system operation problems. Otherwise, the file was corrupted when installing new software to your hard drive. At some point, you may experience a system crash if this file is not functioning properly or is not present.

An application or a service that uses the Wmiaprpl.dll module crashes when the application or the service enumerates the returned performance objects under the HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA registry key

Windows 8 multiple event 1008 perflib errors including dlls for .netframework, bits, esent, lsa, msdtc, usbhub, WmiApRpl.dll.

Causes of Wmiaprpl.dll errors

1) Registry issue is one of the main causes

An application or a service queries the HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA registry key for the value name GLOBAL on a computer that is running Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 R2, or Windows 7.

The application or service enumerates the returned performance objects that are provided by the WmiApRpl.dll module. The number of performance objects that are to be accessed is determined by using the value of the NumObjectTypes variable in the returned PERF_DATA_BLOCK data.

In this scenario, the value of the NumObjectTypes variable may become larger than the actual number of performance objects in the buffer. When this occurs, the application or the service tries to read past the end of the buffer. This behavior causes an access violation exception, and then the application or the service crashes.

This issue occurs because of an issue in the WMI implementation. The issue causes the functions that are in Wmiaprpl.dll module to return an incorrect performance object number. Therefore, an access violation exception occurs, and the application or the service crashes.

2) Broken linkage of entry point of Wmiaprpl.dll into its executable files

Execution of Wmiaprpl.dll requires an EXE for the operating system to load it through an entry point, hence the existence of utilities like RUNDLL.EXE or RUNDLL32.EXE which provide the entry point and minimal framework for DLLs that contain enough functionality to execute without much support. If the entry point is corrupted, Wmiaprpl.dll will be not found and its functions cannot be loaded for the applications.

How to fix

Hopefully, you have a backup of your hard drive already. If not, perform a backup as soon as you receive the wmiaprpl.dll error message. You also might notice signs of trouble when your system is booting up or when launching a program. If so, change your settings so applications don't launch when you turn on your computer.

Furthermore, check your system files for entries in your Windows registry that may be invalid or corrupted. This usually occurs right after you download software. Therefore, it might be a good idea to check for issues after installing new applications to your hard drive.

The safest way to identify invalid files is to run a scan of DLL TOOL that will identify invalid, missing, or corrupted registry entries that have accumulated in your registry over time. This repair tool is able to resolve errors & problems that may put your computer at risk for slow performance, crashes, and blue screens.