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prevhost.exe application error

May 19, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL free downloads prevhost.exe and repairs prevhost.exe appcrash and high Memory usage problems caused by virus and Trojan in Microsoft Windows 8.1/8/7/XP/Vista OS, both 32 and 64 bits.

About prevhost.exe

Prevhost.exe with description Preview Handler Surrogate Host is a process file from Microsoft Corporation and is part of Windows Vista Operating System. The original prevhost.exe is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32 or sometimes in a subfolder of C:\Windows. The file size on Windows 7/XP is 31,232 bytes.

Preview handlers are called when an item is selected to show a lightweight, rich, read-only preview of the file's contents in the view's reading pane. This is done without launching the file's associated application. A preview handler is a hosted application. Hosts include the Windows Explorer in Windows Vista or Microsoft Outlook 2007. Hosts implement IPreviewHandlerFrame as a method of communication between the preview handler and the host.

If you want to force the creation of a new process for your handler rather than running under the default process, create a new subkey for your handler under AppID and set its DllSurrogate entry to "Prevhost.exe". Use that AppID subkey instead of the default Prevhost.exe AppID.

By providing a new process, the handler can avoid running under a shared process as it would do by default. This could allow you, for example, to ensure the specific version of the common language runtime (CLR) in the process. This is required if you are building a managed implementation of a preview handler.

Note 32-bit preview handlers should use AppID {534A1E02-D58F-44f0-B58B-36CBED287C7C} when installed on 64-bit operating systems.

What are the prevhost.exe errors?

Prevhost.exe errors happen on the computer when this file is overloaded or improperly utilized by the users. Its errors are often closely related to many installed programs and system registries, and cannot be stopped or removed optionally. Usually you would have the following error messages about it:

  1. Prevhost.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Prevhost.exe - Application Error. The instruction at 0xXXXXXXXX referenced memory at 0xXXXXXXXX. The memory could not be read/written. Click on OK to terminate the program.
  3. Preview Handler Surrogate Host has stopped working.
  4. End Program - prevhost.exe. This program is not responding.
  5. Prevhost.exe is not a valid Win32 application.
  6. prevhost.exe - Application Error. The application failed to initialize properly (0xXXXXXXXX). Click OK to terminate the application.

If you get one of them on your PC, you may need to go deeper and see where the problem comes from. If you don't know what makes this error, it will be difficult for you to figure out a proper solution.

Why does the error occur?

Sometimes you can get some information from the content of error messages, or you can find the problem from the following possible causes: File prevhost.exe accidentally deleted or overwritten by some program; DLL error issue; Outdated Windows system failure to load it properly; Incompatibility between the file and the program you newly installed; Virus or spyware infection problem; System registry errors.

Trojan, virus, spyware and rootkit are always popular attackers that always expand the infection on the computer in different ways, and finally, they will delete the important files and processes, modify data, change system settings and monitor the users' behaviors on the PC, and a prevhost.exe error will occur.

Consequently, the computer running speed become much slower, some programs cannot operate smoothly, system registries encounter the issues, and the most annoying error messages will constantly show up until you fix prevhost.exe error well on the PC. Therefore, it is time to learn some ways to get rid of this error problem.

Prevhost.exe error repair

1) At first, check prevhost.exe and other related dll files for normal conditions with DLL TOOL, and have them fixed automatically as well as free download and registration.

2) Then uninstall and reinstall the related application

a) If it is found that the prevhost.exe error notification starts to appear after installing a new application on the computer, you can try to uninstall the program, and install another version which is more compatible with your Windows operating system to fix prevhost.exe error.

b) To reinstall the program on computer, it is very important to make sure the complete removal of the current one on the PC, otherwise, you will be refused to install the program again as the computer judging that the program has been on the machine. So, in order to make sure the complete removal of the program, please let DLL TOOL help with the uninstallation process, it will scan and remove all of components without any further problem.

3) Scan and remove virus infection

You should perform a check for the computer security, and repair the damaged registry values due to infection removal. So you need a professional antivirus program to find out all of infections in the registry entries, and recover them completely and thoroughly to fix prevhost.exe error.

DLL TOOL is the right choice for you to deal with such a complicated dll issue like prevhost.exe error.