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cca.dll windowsaccessbridge error

May 26, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads cca.dll and repair cca dll windowsaccessbridge problems for Microsoft Windows PCs.

About cca.dll

Before going further to fix cca.dll errors, it is necessary to know the basics about the cca.dll.

Cca.dll is a CCA DirectShow Filter. This file is part of Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. Cca.dll is located in the %SYSTEM% folder and its usual size is 65,536 bytes. However, this file has more variants and one of them may be malicious. You can use DLL Tool to scan your computer so as to make sure about them.

DirectShow provides a set of default filters in Windows. These filters support many data formats as well as provide a high degree of hardware independence, such as customized registration and installation of filters on the target system for an application.

Cca.dll is used to run programs in Windows 7/vista/xp. Various codecs applied in a DirectShow filter graph are enabled by the ACM Wrapper, AVI Decompressor and AVI Compressor filters together with the Audio and Video Compression Managers.

What are Cca.dll errors?

You may come across Cca.dll missing/not found error when starting an application, cca.dll loading error could appear in the process of handling graph-related work. If they are not fixed in time, the machine would suffer from slow PC performance, program crashes, system freezes, startup/shutdown problems, and other dll file errors.

Other common cca.dll error messages include Dll Registration: Failed for file C:\WINDOWS\System32\cca.dll or Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: Windows\system32\ cca.dll. Please re-install a copy of the above file.

These cca.dll errors can be easily resolved by DLL TOOL, you will enjoy the professional and auto fix of cca.dll errors via this dll error repair tool.

Common causes of cca.dll errors

Based on the above information, we know that in the operating system cca.dll is shared by many applications. Cca.dll issue will occur if one of them is faulty.

Besides, shared cca.dll can carry application resources or executable codes (functions and methods), which can be called out of the library, executed in the memory of the operating system and they return only results back to the calling application or process. For this point, the cca.dll file can be misused by viruses.

How to remove the cca.dll errors

Normally, reinstalling cca.dll file will solve such missing DLLs as cca.dll, the point is that a specific registry key of cca.dll may have been damaged due to reinstallation or malware attacks, its linkage is still there even after a full scan and cleanup with your antivirus and a registry cleaner, resulting in failure to reinstall the cca.dll and repeated error message.

To solve this special problem, DLL TOOL is designed to combine the auto check and fix of dll errors with registry cleanup and repair, it is able to pinpoint the corrupted registry keys of a problematic dll file, renew it with a correct and only linkage in the registry.

With its original and unique feature of free download and registration for cca.dll and other dll file, you can easily and safely fix the missing cca.dll and other dll files.