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browseui.dll is missing or was not found

May 26, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads browseui.dll and repair browseui dll missing or not found problems caused by virus in Microsoft Windows PCs.

Everything about browseui.dll

As a critical part of the Internet Explorer application installed with Windows, BrowseUI.dll is a Shell Browser UI Library, with UI short for User Interface. It contains the protocol and functions for UI management for the application of IE, and is able to help your PC load up the different menus & options that it will show in IE.

The primary goal of Browseui.dll is for the Internet Explorer application to control & handle the UI options. Besides a series of IE, this file is also used extensively by the third party software, such as Firefox, Google Chrome, or 360 Internet Explorer made in china.

Because the browseui.dll library is a core component of Internet Explorer, it should not be disabled or removed. If you insist on doing so, internet access will be hindered or even become available, and any other HTML-related applications may fail to work properly.

Browseui.dll is officially developed by Microsoft as a part of system files, and it has no direct security risk to your machine, but can be employed for malicious purpose.

Symptoms of browseUI.dll errors

Considering that browseUI.dll is frequently loaded for the normality of Internet Explorer, it possibly be corrupted, damaged, or absent from your system. Consequently, the following errors show up:

  1. Windows Task Manager - taskmgr.exe - Bad Image C:\Windows'system32\browseui.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support.
  2. Browseui.dll, Mshtml.dll, shdocvw.dll was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found.
  3. Explorer.exe is unable to locate component: this application failed to start because BROWSEUI.dll was not found, can access windows or task bar or home page just blank screen.
  4. BROWSEUI.dll file is not found.

Causes and fixes of browseUI.dll errors

1) BrowseUI.dll missing error

It is known that browseUI.dll is under the control of Windows File Protection, it should never be missing. If browseUI.dll missing happens, it may be out of the fact that your antivirus/antispyware has improperly quarantined (namely, effectively deleted) the browseUI.dll file.

At this moment, you can look for the backup copy of the file in other places on your system. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to bring up Task Manager. From Task Manager, Click File, New Task and then click Browse and navigate to the c:\windows\system32\dllcache folder. Be sure to set "Files of type" box and show All Files. After clicking OK, you are able to see all the files.

That is not the only way to replace the missing file; we can try another way more conveniently and reliably. Copy one or download a copy from DLL TOOL, reinstall and register it according the guidance given by this dll file free download software. Downloading a missing file from a website may introduce a malware infection and thus make thing worse to be dealt with.

After replacing the missing file, you have to restart the system from Task Manager by clicking Shut Down, hit Restart button and then Explorer will start on its own when the system boots up again.

2) BrowseUI.dll being corrupted or being deleted by malware removal

Various kinds of virus/Trojan/spyware/rootkit are there when you are surfing the internet for entertainment, such as playing online games, watching movies or browsing a webpage. This can pose a high risk for browseUI.dll to be infected. Once this file is damaged by malware, you'd better use DLL TOOL to recover it without being deleted.

It is noted that DLL TOOL has a built-in malware name list, which is maintained up to date by a team of dll error fixing and malware removal experts; these experts make great effort to add the timely solution to fixing any new malware. That is to say, this repair tool is able to pinpoint the exact location of malware infection, and remove the infection by repairing the corresponding registry entries. In this way, the browseUI.dll will be well renewed and the error message disappears.

Repair registry related issue

BrowseUI.dll error is mainly caused by conflicts of entries of the registry database. The registry contains information about all the DLL & system files on your computer and keeps it running smoothly by providing links to the files it needs. The dll files, such as BrowseUI.dll, Mshtml.dll and shdocvw.dll are interconnected to each other by their registry entries. If some of their linkages are broken, BrowseUI.dll files will become corrupted and unreadable, and then the BrowseUI.dll errors are produced.

To fix this, you may give a shot to DLL TOOL; try using it to scan through your computer and repair any of the damaged or corrupted DLL reference paths that are associated with BrowseUI.dll inside it. This would fix the error you are being annoyed with.