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gpresult.exe execution failed error

May 26, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads gpresult.exe and repair gpresult exe server execution failed problems for Microsoft Windows PCs.

What is gpresult.exe?

GPResult.exe allows faster processing of applications associated with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. The Gpresult process is a command-line tool that shows the Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) for a user or computer based on applied Group Policy settings. It is preinstalled with all versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Only system administrator has the right to apply the Group Policy Results or GPResults.exe. The administrator will find this command line tool useful while checking and verifying all the policies and settings that are taking effect on a specific user or computer. Gpresult.exe contains a full list of Group Policy Objects in use, as well as redirected folders, applied registry settings and other details about a given system. To use them, you have to register yourself as an administrator.

The policy settings are to be displayed by GPResult.exe command tool to the administrator. GPResult.exe can also be available to other computer and users, which belong to the same network group. GPResult.exe can be applied into stand-alone computers as well.

The results of group policy can be displayed by GPRESULT.EXE without using switches. The general information given by the GPRESULT command about the user and computer includes domain name, domain type, profile information, security group membership, the exact date and time of the last group policy application, and general information about what policies were applied. So you can know that GPRESULT.EXE command line is extremely useful for the administrator.

The GPRESULT command can be run in verbose mode, super-verbose mode; and it has a specific switch respectively for computer policy and user policy. If you want a doubt on the syntax of the command, just enter GPRESULT /? at a command prompt and the detailed help will be shown for your convenience. As switches /v and /z produce lots of information, you may find it useful to redirect output to a text file.

Overlapping policy settings are open to any computer or user, and a set of policy settings can be generated by the Group Policy feature based on a given computer for a specific user when the user logs on. The generated set of policy settings will be enforced on that computer for that user.

The gpresult command is available in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Vista, Windows Server2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012. You can locate GPResult.exe in C:\Windows\System32. It should not be terminated, or some applications may be unable to work properly.

What are the gpresult.exe errors?

As an administrator, you may experience the following common GPResult.exe errors:

  1. Gpresult.exe high CPU usage.
  2. Running gpresult after KB2506143-x64 gives access denied error.
  3. Provider Load Failure on ROSP and ERROR: ACCESS DENIED on gpresult.
  4. Unable to remove group policy.
  5. Random WMI corruption.
  6. Gpresult.exe might have been deleted already.
  7. Gpresult.exe has already led to the mistakes.

Gpresult.exe should be maintained at normal running state for the requirement of the most applications. You can make sure whether gpresult.exe is running in the task manager by clicking the Processes Tab and scroll to find the gpresult.exe. If gpresult.exe cannot be found in the task manager and in C:\Windows\System32, you will see one of the above error messages.

Why do you get gpresult.exe error?

If you're getting access denied messages, chances are something wrong with the entry point into gpresult.exe due to a corrupted dll file.

A .DLL file requires an EXE for the operating system to load it through an entry point. An .exe or executable file is most noticeably used in launching and running applications, services, and processes. The .exe file may call on other dll files to complete special tasks or to provide functionality for other parts of the program. If the link between them is broken, then there will be a gpresult.exe error.

Besides, the errors in the Windows registry are also the main the reason for you to have a gpresult.exe error. The Windows registry serves as one of the crucial system components used for storing settings and options for the Windows operating system. If any errors or problems occur to the Windows registry, it may result in dll file issues, including a gpresult.exe error.

Fixes of Gpresult.exe errors

Step one

Be sure that gpresult.exe and other related dll files are maintained in normal conditions. As it is too complicated to diagnose and remove this kind of system malfunction, DLL TOOL is specially designed for you to perform the fixing process for you, because it allows for auto scan and fix of any corrupted dll error including Gpresult.exe issues.

Step two

Repair the registry

Give a shot to DLL TOOL, because it is able to detect and repair the fundamental causes for the Gpresult.exe error in the Registry keys related to a corrupt Gpresult.exe file, and totally fix registry problems and dll error in minutes.