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browser.dll error hotfix

May 26, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads browser.dll and repair browser dll missing or not found problems caused by virus in Microsoft Windows PCs.

Introduction to browser.dll

Browser.dll is a dll file for Computer Browser Service. The Computer Browser service is used to view network domains and resources on Windows-based computers, different from those based on Linux operating system. Browser.dll maintains an up-to-date list of computers on your network and supplies the list to programs that request it. Browser.dll helps the designated Computers to maintain browse lists. The browse lists contain all shared resources on the network for notification.

Browser.dll is associated with Microsoft Active Directory. Its default path is in C:\ WINDOWS\system32\browser.dll, and its version is 5.1.2600.2180. The Microsoft Active Directory is used to supply NetBIOS name resolution in current Windows operating systems while NetBIOS stands for network basic input/output system. This directory has taken the position of the computer browser service in Windows 2000 and Windows, but the former operating system is still applying Browser.dll with backwards compatibility in connection with client computers.

Besides, the browser.dll file also provides the comprehensive list including other domain names and workgroup names for the WAN or the wide-area network. A computer might perform several different roles in a browsing environment so as to suit some conditions, such as failure or shutdown of a computer that is designated for a specific browser role.

Windows 7-based computers enable and start the Computer Browser service by default. This service logs on using the Local System account when started in its default configuration. It has to be enabled for regular updating or maintenance.

Apart from the list of computers and domain names, a particular list can be provided by the browser.dll file to include the protocol for each computer on the network. Any computer with the browser service can operate and run this specific network segment. A master browser is there for each network segment.

With the presence of the browser.dll, the master browser gathers host and server announcements. The browser.dll file also allows the master browser to instruct potential browsers in the network to be subordinate browsers. The subordinate or the backup browsers are responsible for providing the list to the client computers in the same network segment.

What are browser.dll errors?

Browser.dll is an integral and essential part of the software package. If there is something wrong with it, such as being corrupted or lost, the error messages shall be displayed as:

  1. The file browser.dll Not Found.
  2. Browser.dll is missing.
  3. Application error - browser.dll
  4. Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: browser.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again.
  5. This program can't start because browser.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Why do I have browser.dll error?

1. Such a dll error as browser.dll missing usually result from missing or damaged browser.dll files or improper un-install of a certain related file. Or when the other dll files relative to browser.dll suffer from problems, browser.dll file itself will not be able to perform normally and effectively.

By default, browser.dll is statically linked to msvcrt.dll, ntdll.dll, RPCRT4.dll, KERNEL32.dll and so on. That is to say, all these files are automatically loaded too when browser.dll is loaded. If one of these files is corrupted or missing, Browser.dll won't be loaded and its error messages will be displayed.

2. Computer virus or malware program is another factor to be blamed for browser.dll error. The codes in a DLL are usually shared among all the processes that use the DLL. Meanwhile, this also provides an opportunity for the malware writer to take advantage of.

Because there are no restrictions for users to use shared DLL memory, any programmer can compile a program to access to it. Same for browser.dll, a malware could infect the shared data and result in browser.dll error, such as not found.

So you will understand why sometimes, Trojan, virus and spyware can disable some function of browser.dll file in Windows directory of C:\\Windows\system32. In case that browser.dll gets lost or damaged, try to determine whether it has been inflicted or not.

3. Most importantly, invalid and damaged registry entries will lead to browser.dll error. The Windows Registry is the core of the Windows operating system. It saves most of the important computer setting and options. When the registry becomes corrupt with invalid values and broken links or damaged key, you will see system malfunctions, such as browser.dll errors.

Efficient solutions to fixing browser.dll errors

Solution one

For the sake of solving the error, the most important thing for you to do is to make certain that browser.dll and other related dll files are healthy or undamaged. Browser.dll file and other dll files can be checked for normality by means of DLL TOOL with auto check and fix of .dll missing, .exe high cpu/memory usage and corruption as well .sys bsod.

To fix the error, you need to replace the corrupted or missing browser.dll file and other dll files and with working ones. The current versions of dll files are available in the built-in library of dll files of DLL TOOL. You may download the file for legally licensed software only.

Solution two

It is supposed that your computer has been well protected against pc virus or malware. DLL TOOL has been upgraded to incorporate the virus detection and removal into its unique dll error repair technique by on-going analysis of current malware and keeping the name list of malware up to date. It is able to locate and crack any infection related to dll errors like browser.dll problem.

Solution three

To fix browser.dll error efficiently, it is important and necessary for you to resort to professional registry cleanup. We have to be clear of that only experts delete entries from the registry. If you are not an advanced user, use an automatic browser.dll error fixing tool to fix these and other similar errors.

DLL TOOL is just this kind of registry cleaner, it allows you to remove invalid registry entries of browser.dll and the associated DLL files, and also supports free download of dll files.