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msvcrt40.dll is missing or could not be opened error

May 26, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads msvcrt40.dll and repairs msvcrt40.dll is missing or could not be opened problems for Microsoft OS such as Windows 7 and Windows Server 2013.

What is msvcrt40.dll?

Msvcrt40.dll is one of the many modules of the Microsoft C Runtime Library. The msvcrt40.dll module is not only used in the C Runtime applications, but also contains primary C functions like memcpy, printf, and cos. The common path of msvcrt40.dll is in C:\WINDOWS\system32, and its version is 5.1.2600.2180. It is commonly associated with the Visual Studio.

Msvcrt40.dll file interacts with other dlls that are necessary for the Microsoft Runtime applications to function properly. Dlls such as the file msvcp60.dll and the msvcr80.dll file are required for programs connected with Microsoft Runtime to run properly and efficiently.

The program code could be added to the msvcrt40.dll file for programs that are written with the use of the Microsoft Visual C++. These programs are also able to distribute C Runtime functions supported by the msvcrt40.dll file supports.

The correct version of the Msvcrt40.dll file should always be installed and correctly located for applications needing this file. Errors could thus be incurred by a wrong version in the process of accessing and opening Microsoft Runtime programs. The setup process decides the different versions of the msvcrt.dll. Runtime will not function efficiently upon the detection of an incompatible version by the system.

Typical msvcrt40.dll error messages

As always, any dll file including msvcrt40.dll will get faulty when it is missing or corrupted, and the symptoms are listed below:

  1. Msvcrt40.dll file is missing.
  2. Cannot find the file msvcrt40.dll.
  3. A required .DLL file msvcrt40.dll was not found.
  4. MSVCRT40.DLL is causing problems at startup.
  5. Get error when installing ecat hap 4.34 - msvcrt40.dll could not be opened.
  6. Msvcrt40.dll error after installing Pagis or TextBridge.

Causes of msvcrt40.dll error

Firstly, the error is possibly the result of msvcrt40.dll being deleted and an associated application fails to work normally. This could arise from improper uninstall of the application, a disk cleanup, or changes of location of some files and folders.

Secondly, it can be an incompatible version of msvcrt40.dll installed for some program, such as Pagis or TextBridge, because Windows Installer does not check the version for installation.

How to fix?

Method 1

Try to reinstall the application that is having the error. Any missing components will be replaced in this way. At the same time, the incorrect registry entries relative to msvcrt40.dll error would be corrected.

Method 2

Download and run DLL TOOL to see if there is some version conflict of msvcrt40.dll with the newly installed program. If the scan result is yes, reinstall this file by means of free download with DLL TOOL.

Method 3

Try downloading a copy of the msvcrt40.dll from DLL TOOL. All the commonly required DLLs are available for free download from it. The download is more convenient and reliable than that from a website.

DLL TOOL will help you out with its unique function of accurate analysis and repair of the registry keys for msvcrt40.dll error or other dll errors, and it is an excellent helper for you to maintain your system files on a regular basis.