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msvcp90.dll is missing error

May 26, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads msvcp90.dll and repairs msvcp90 dll missing problems for Microsoft OS such as Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

What is msvcp90.dll?

Msvcp90.dll is used by Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008. Microsoft Visual C++ is often abbreviated as MSVC or VC++, and is a commercial, integrated development environment (IDE) product from Microsoft for the C, C++, and C++/CLI programming languages. This product also has free version.

Redistributable Visual C++ packages are required by many applications to function correctly. Normally, these packages are independent of the installed applications, multiple applications can thus install the package temporarily. That is to say, these packages do not have to be present in your operating system all the time, their function are dynamically linked for many applications.

Msvcp90.dll provides tools used to develop and debug C++ code, especially code written for the Microsoft .NET Framework, the DirectX API, and the Microsoft Windows API. Also known as Visual C++ 9.0, Visual C++ 2008 was released in November 2007. This version supports .NET 3.5. C++ for CLI can be manageable and optional by means of compiler.

Under the Visual C++ 2008 Runtimes, all applications can be internally compiled in the form of static and dynamic linking, which will only work under Windows 2000 and later. A feature pack with the support for C++ TR1 library extensions is included into SP1.

Msvcp90.dll is necessary. Uninstalling it will cause programs unable to work. And from the moment when the Side-by-Side was applied into solving dependency trouble, multiple versions of the same redistributable are needed under some situations. Therefore, do not take time on thinking that some versions of the MS redistributables are useless.

By checking Windows directory at %WINDIR%/WinSxS, you will know the way Microsoft Runtime dlls are deployed. Manifest is used to determine which particular runtime dll to load. It is not strange to find that the files compiled against Visual C++ Run-time have the same problem.

Msvcp90.dll errors

When you are trying to connect RealPlayer, install software, open certain programs, there would be error pop-ups as follows:

  1. Not able to run RealPlayer on Windows XP machine, msvcp90.dll file is missing.
  2. RealPlayer will not connect due to missing MSVCP90.DLL.
  3. Not able to run RealPlayer on Windows XP machine, msvcp90.dll file is missing.
  4. MSVCP90.dll problem: The procedure entry point?_Xfunc@tr1@std@@YAXXZ could not be located in the dynamic library MSVCP90.dll.
  5. Windows 2000 msvcp90.dll not found.
  6. The application was unable to start because MSVCP90.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
  7. Side-by-side configuration and msvcp90.dll missing

Why do you have Msvcp90.dll errors?

Through installing and uninstalling of programs, in addition to visiting insecure websites on the internet, the shared codes of the dll files could sometimes be modified, the dll file would fail to load, and the application requiring it becomes abnormal.

Fundamentally, issues in the Windows registry could be related to msvcp90.dll errors. Broken DLL file linkages can damage the entry point of your DLL file into their executables, giving you an msvcp90.dll error. The problematic registry entries can be from application installation or uninstallation or malicious modification which generate a missing msvcp90.dll file, misplaced DLL file, or a deserted reference for dll functions.

How to solve the Msvcp90.dll errors?

The sfc /scannow command will not work, just because the MSVCP90.dll file is not located in the dllcache folder and is thus not under the control of Windows File Protection.

If you receive Msvcp90.dll error message in the process accessing a certain application, then you would uninstall and reinstall the application. It could a fix for the issue.

If your computer won't boot up into Windows normally due to this error, you will need to start your computer in safe mode. Sometimes, all you need to do is change the configuration, for example, set Generate Manifest to be at Yes instead of No.

Provided that you are getting an msvcr90.dll is missing error message when launching RealPlayer, you will need to uninstall the following applications in this specific order. This can be done using the 'Add or Remove Programs' feature in Windows XP or the 'Programs & Features' section in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Once those are all uninstalled, you need to download the latest version of RealPlayer. As soon as it's saved to your desktop or elsewhere, you'll need to run the installer in Administrator mode.

If the above steps don't work, we can know that the problem isn't likely related to RealPlayer. Then we need to replace the msvcr90.dll file from an original source. To do this, download MS Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package for the most recent copy of msvcr90.dll.

Finally, clean the registry. This database contains all the delicate files and data of Windows. If they have errors in the entries relative to msvcr90.dll, you will have an msvcr90.dll error message. Repair these data effectively by using the most reliable software of experts: DLL TOOL, which is also a safe source of downloading dll files.