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shdocvw.dll was not found error

May 26, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads shdocvw.dll and repairsshdocvw.dll was not found problems for Microsoft OS such as Windows 7 and Windows XP.

What is shdocvw.dll?

Shdocvw.dll is kind of Shell Document Object and Control Library. Windows applications use Shdocvw.dll library to add basic file and networking operations.

IExplorer.exe directly hosts the Shdocvw.dll component. Shdocvw.dll in turn hosts the Mshtml.dll component, as well as any other Active Document component, such as a Microsoft messaging application. This kind of component can be loaded in place in the browser for a specific document type accessed by the user.

Shdocvw.dll is more frequently referred to as the WebBrowser Control, as it allows for functionality connected with web browsing, such as favorites, history management, navigation, and PICS support. Shdocvw.dll enables you to navigate to a link to the loaded document in the HTML, and a new HTML document can be loaded under the same WebBrowser Control. Shdocvw.dll can be hosted separately as an ActiveX control by interfaces to its host for being allowed. If only Mshtml.dll is being hosted, a click on the link results in a new instance of the browser.

Mshtml.dll was firstly introduced in Internet Explorer 4.0. As the main HTML component of the Windows Internet Explorer browser, it is used for parsing and rendering the HTML, and displays the HTML document through the Dynamic HTML Object Model. Mshtml.dll often stands together with shdocvw.dll and Browseui.dll in an error message after a trial installation of an application, such as Trendy Talks - Bulls & Bears v6.1.0.


You may be troubled with the explorer.exe error message that SHDOCVW.dll was not found when you try to check new windows update. Sometimes you cannot open control panel and more dramatically on some occasions when you turn on your laptop Windows seems to be operating, just get the SHDOCVW message and then a black screen.

  1. Common signs of shdocvw.dll errors
  2. Ieframe.dll being replaced by Shdocvw.dll in register settings.
  3. Shdocvw.dll ordinal 325 not found
  4. Application has failed to start because SHDOCVW.dll was not found.
  5. Malware in system 32/shdocvw.dll
  6. Explorer exe is unable to locate component. SHDOCVW.dll not found, can't start in safe mode.
  7. Since replacing hard drive, getting message that says SHDOCVW.dll is missing.
  8. Mshtml.dll, shdocvw.dll, Browseui.dll was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not was not found.

Causes of shdocvw.dll errors

These issues may occur if the shdocvw.dll is missing, damaged, or improperly registered. The shdocvw.dll error means you have the wrong version of shdocvw.dll installed or are running a program expecting a later version of shdocvw.dll, the shdocvw.dll file is corrupted already.

If your shdocvw.dll file is missing, you should find out why it is missing. Since it is a critical component of explorer, it is often targeted by a malware compiler. Perhaps your system has some malicious software on it or your antivirus/antimalware program has regarded the file as a threat and effectively deleted the file.

Here are some of the most common causes of the error you're seeing:

  1. Shdocvw.dll file is corrupted or damaged;
  2. Shdocvw.dll is not accessible by your software;
  3. Your antivirus mistakenly deletes the shdocvw.dll file;
  4. Windows has a problem with its registry settings related to shdocvw.dll.

These errors are usually caused by a number of possible issues with your system, in that your computer will not be able to access the files & settings that are required to help this file run by your system. All these factors may have changed the entries of shdocvw.dll in the registry, and thus resulting in the corresponding error.

You need to dig into the HKEY/LOCALMACHINE registry and figure out what is launching them. They can be tied to Mshtml.dll, IExplorer.exe and others during startup. But for an ordinary computer person, this may be too complicated to perform.

How to fix shdocvw.dll errors?

1) Manual repair by a backup copy

A lot of MS files are duplicated on install in other places for backup. If you look in your System32\dllcache folder you should also find a copy there. When you renamed the corrupt file, Windows notices that's it's missing & automatically tries to replace it. That's maybe why you haven't been able to replace it.

First of all, go to System32\dllcache folder and rename shdocvw.dll, then another one in System\32. Copy the new shdocvw.dll, and place the replacement shdocvw.dll file in both System\32 and System32\dllcache.

If Shdocvw.dll is found in another place, and this one has the same file size with a little difference in Properties, you just finish the steps above. If that works, then you would leave any others alone. To be specific: You could try this first: Go to the System32 folder and locate the file shdocvw.dll > Rename it to shdocvw_old.dll.

It should be replaced immediately by a copy from the System32/dllcache folder (a hidden operating system folder). Check at the end of the System32 folder listing to check if it's there. If it isn't, rename shdocvw_old.dll back to its original. Or you can try the free download feature of DLL TOOL and reregister the replacement file quickly under the guidance of registration Wizard.

After successfully copying a new shdocvw.dll file to your system32 folder or reinstallation the application at fault, you should run a full scan of your system registry. This should be undertaken as a precautionary measure to iron out any additional errors that may be lingering within the registry.

Since it is hard to spot out and clean every wasted registry entry, no mention to modify the incorrect key, let's use DLL TOOL to check and repair the associated registry keys for you with a few of mouse clicks.

2) Scan for virus infection

Run malwarebytes anti-malware and SUPERAntispyware in safe mode, what they find you delete manually then clean the pc with cleaner. Or simply use DLL Tool to diagnose and remove the virus/Trojan/spyware.

DLL Tool will not remove the inflicted shdocvw.dll, safely renew all the relevant registry keys and then solved the infection. Even if other dlls are corrupted and need to be replaced, you can easily get a copy from the dll file library of DLL Tool and register it without any trouble.