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tcpmon.dll is missing error

May 26, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads tcpmon.dll and repairs tcpmon dll is missing problems for Microsoft OS such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

What is tcpmon.dll?

Tcpmon.dll is kind of Standard TCP/IP Port Monitor DLL associated with the Microsoft Windows Operating System from Microsoft Corporation. The tcpmon.dll is defined by Microsoft Corporation as the Standard TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) Port Monitor Dynamic Link Library implemented in the Microsoft Windows Operating System environment.

As a TCP MIB library, the file tcpmon.dll is also closely associated with the Management Information Base (MIB) of Microsoft Corporation. The tcpmon.dll is classified as an Application Extension file operating within the framework of Microsoft operating system platforms and is therefore relative only to the operation of those systems.

The function of tcpmon.dll as a port monitor is to manage communications between the printer drivers and the actual physical communication ports existing in a computer system. Under the control of tcpmon.dll, a printer driver no longer needs to explicitly support various printer port types. Through the tcpmon.dll, a port monitor can provide support for the serial, infrared, parallel and even networking ports. Printer drivers will then call on port monitoring APIs associated with the tcpmon.dll. The TCP Port Monitoring service can also monitor availability of network services and applications.

A TCP Port Monitor application will also be able to verify whether a network device is acknowledging request on the defined TCP port. There are various defined ports for the different Microsoft Windows services present in the operating system such as port 80 is usually associated with HTTP Web servers. Port Monitor events in conjunction with files like the module tcpmib.dll can assist in setting up multiple TCP port events that will monitor network applications and services based on the defined port number.

The tcpmon.dll is also associated with the hotfix provided to correct the printer status reported in the x86-based, x-64-based and Itanium based versions of the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Operating System. Other files included in the hotfix and related to the module tcpmon.dll are wtcpmib.dll, wsnmp32.dll, ntprint.dll, mgmtapi.dll and snmpapi.dll. Standard installation of the file tcpmon.dll places it in the default location of C:/ WINDOWS/ system32/.

Tcpmon.dll is statically linked to msvcrt.dll, ntdll.dll, WS2_32.dll, SPOOLSS.DLL, snmpapi.dll, wsnmp32.dll, KERNEL32.dll and so on. When tcpmon.dll is loaded, these files are automatically loaded too. If one of these files gets faulty, tcpmon.dll won't be loaded possibly.

Signs of tcpmon.dll errors

  1. Corrupt tcpmon.dll
  2. Windows Update corrupted tcpmon.dll file and won't repair
  3. Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000706). The print processor does not exist. Error opening TCPMON (1801)
  4. Trying to run a Quick Scan, but every time it gets to c:\windows\system32\tcpmon.dll the scan hangs up and never goes any further.

Malicious software can easily save fake identification in DLL, including author name, copyright, version etc. So, watch out! Other typical errors for tcpmon are crash fault, runtime error, missing dll file, virus found in it.

Why do you have tcpmon.dll errors?

If you check system files using sfc/scannow command, you will find that some dll files are corrupted, and one of them is tcpmon.dll. This can be caused by mis-configuration of dll files and the malware infection, or be underlined in the issues of registry entries.

To my experience, this problem is sometimes associated with printer drivers that don't get along well with Windows 7. In attempting to correct this issue, I checked system files using sfc/scannow command, found that opcservices.dll, TapiMigPlugin.dll, SxsMigplugin.dll, docagent.dll, tcpmon.ini are corrupted all together, but SFC failed to resolve the problem. So I went to DLL TOOL for help and with Joy.

Not surprisingly, this error appears when the system registry gets some problems. Because Registry is the most basic component of Windows that stores every data and configuration of your computer, every operation performed is controlled and recorded in the form of registry entries. The registry can thus get bloated to lead to registry malfunction, such as a dll error like tcpmon.dll missing.

At the moment Tcpmon.dll error occurs, you may face critical problems in your computer, so you need to repair the registry immediately after it occurs.

Solutions to tcpmon.dll errors

1. You can check for corrupted system files. Open an administrator command prompt and run SFC. Click START, then type SFC in the search box, right-click SFC.EXE and click Run as administrator. If it does not help, go to:

2. One of the safest ways to solve the problems is system restore. A system restore would make you recall a fresh copy and fix the related errors at the same time. If Tcpmon.dll error message is shown on the screen, try to restore your computer to an earlier time before the problems began. If the problems persist, apply DLL TOOL to detect and fix your system files.

3. Run a full scan of your computer system. It's found that rogue or fake software often generate fake error messages on the computer to mislead computer users into purchasing their useless programs. If the System Restore can not fix your error, it's necessary for you to check up your system for malware with DLL TOOL, which has detailed approaches to remove the infection related to dll errors. You can download it and have a try now!

4. It is very hard to fix Tcpmon.dll error manually, because this will involve the registry keys of many other dll files to be fixed, and it is difficult to find the exact places of these issues. Therefore, it is recommended to use DLL TOOL to prevent you from being troubled by mistakes due to manual repair. This repair software is able to exactly analyze the faulty registry keys with its powerful algorithm and renew them to the normal state exactly as necessary; you will have a healthy tcpmon.dll running for your system.

DLL TOOL is also designed to fix all system crash errors, high cpu/memory, driver and update issues. Because tcpmon.dll isn't installed by a specific program, you have to download a fresh copy for replacement; it is true with many other dll files. DLL TOOL will help with a reliable and complete collection of system files for free download.