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hid.dll API functions error

May 27, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads hid dll and repairs hid.dll API functions problems for PC installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

The basics you should know about hid.dll

Hid.dll is primarily used for USB applications; its default directory is in C:\WINDOWS\system32\ hid.dll and the version is 5.1.2600.2180. Human Interface Device (HID) is a type of computer peripheral that directly interacts with humans. HID is most commonly referred to the USB device.

USB HID devices are widely used in daily life nowadays, increasing the great convenience for enjoying the digital world while using dance pads, Nintendo power gloves, Wii remotes, and flight simulator devices. The hid.dll file enables improvements to USB devices and makes it easy to install these devices. They usually require the user for little knowledge to use them.

There are many kinds of devices which are HID compliant, such as MS Wireless Laser Mouse 8000, the 7000 keyboard, USB Logitech mouse, bluetooth mouse, HID Non-User Input Data Filter, touchpads, and pointing sticks. Just because the hid.dll file contains infinite variety of data types and formats. A single driver supported by hid.dll enables dynamic association of input/output with application functionality, which results in rapid innovation and proliferation of new human interface devices.

Before an application can exchange data with the hid.dll application, it has to identify the device by obtaining the GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) and get information about its reports. The application first finds out what devices are attached to the system. Hid.dll then examines information about each to find one with the desired attributes.

Hid.dll can search for a custom device about specific Vendor, Product ID and Version Number. After finding a device, hid.dll can be used to exchange information from and to the device via report.

The idea of compiling hid.dll file firstly emerged out of the minds of several Microsoft programmers, and they are now working together to work on a new standard for the next generation of Universal Serial Bus (USB), and you can imagine the reality of smart interconnecting will soon come into being.

What are the hid.dll errors?

  1. Error: C:\Windows\System32\HID.DLL after installing the latest network printer driver from Windows update.
  2. UMDF HID Minidriver Device Error.
  3. Too many HID compliant consumer control devices with BSOD.
  4. Failed to install Microsoft - Other hardware - HID Non-User Input Data Filter (KB 911895).
  5. Touchscreen stops working. HID is stopped by windows code 43.
  6. Yi Ruan Technology Bluetooth HID device Update made my mouse unresponsive.
  7. Unable to access a HID Device getting error code 5.
  8. HID Compliant Mouse installs incorrectly as USB Host Controller.
  9. Hid mouse driver is corrupted; driver update says is most current.

Causes of hid.dll errors

Most possibly, errors with the system file hid.dll are bad effect of some malicious program, such as Trojan, spyware, adware or rootkit. The relevant files will be contaminated and loaded; once the inflicted files are deleted by antivirus/antispyware, the associated components would not be found, or you fail to run the regular applications, such as games, media player and so on. The following consequences are usually experienced:

1. Unable to delete desktop icons;
2. Failure to open the online games;
3. Blue screen of death out of no reason;
4. No sound from your machine;
5. Failure of desktop to be loaded;
6. Homepage changed as website navigation.

Hid.dll is the HID related dynamic link library of USB, so it is usually used as open keys for the officially released software, for example, budget software of architecture industry is normally designated a USB key known as “Dog” matched by a hid.dll file. Only this officially assigned Dog is able to turn on the software.

This kind of hid.dll is an important file stored in the folder of Windows system files, and is automatically created in the process of installing the operating system. Hid.dll is essential for the normal working of the system. Therefore, it is not recommended to change the hid.dll file unless the corrupted or not found error messages pop up due to Trojan, or spyware infection.

But the hid.dll errors can be traced down to the issue of registry entries. Registry is the “brain” of the Windows-based operating system, just like cpu as the “heart” of your system. The Registry is to control the proper running of software/hardware on the PC. However, the Windows Registry gets bloated with numerous obsolete keys. Registry expansion can introduce dll problems like hid.dll errors.

Fixes of Hid.dll errors

you could try the system restore to latest restore point, which is before the time when the error show up; if it does not work, then run sfc /scannow as the administrator, you would know whether there are some damaged files or not.

If HID compliant device stops working, and the trouble shooter DLL TOOL reveals that the HID has been stopped by windows, just try to run DLL TOOL to scan your system and determine the exact solution to solve the problem, such as registry cleanup and auto repair.