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sysmain.dll superfetch fault error

May 27, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads sysmain dll and repairs sysmain.dll superfetch fault problems for PC installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Introduction to sysmain.dll

Sysmain.dll is the System Maintenance Service Host process pre-installed with Windows. In Windows 7, sysmain.dll loads unused ram with files that you use often, so programs launch quicker, and that is s the reason why all the games load so quickly the second time they are loaded.

System Maintenance Service Host (sysmain.dll) enables problem detection, troubleshooting, and resolution for Windows components. If this service is stopped, maintenance cannot function. The System Maintenance Service Host is part of SuperFetch used to pre-load commonly used applications into memory to reduce their load times. In this process, some regular dlls are loaded before they are called; application behavior and usage patterns are being continually analyzed.

If the ram is needed by other apps, then the superfetch stuff gets deleted, meaning that no ram gets wasted. The startup type of sysmain.dll is by default and it logs on using the Local System account after startup. You can check it by typing services.msc into your start menu search box - scroll down the list looking for superfetch. Sysmain.dll has three major functions: Autoplay handler, Hosted service and Scheduled task.

Autoplay handler is typically associated with identifier name of MSCreateRdbCache with and identifier of SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\AutoplayHandlers\Handlers\MSCreateRdbCache. A removable media will be scanned by Autoplay upon its arrival for media content types of music, graphics, or video. Windows will respond according the content and registered handlers associated with a media type.

Hosted service is typically associated with identifier of SysMain. A Windows Hosted Service is implemented as DLL run under the (Service Host) SvcHost process. Scheduled task is launched automatically. In the process of launching, Scheduled task is loaded for the Windows Task Scheduler under the task name '\Microsoft\Windows\Sysmain\WsSwapAssessmentTask'. Programs or scripts can be launched at pre-defined times or after specified time intervals or even with event-based triggers. This is the advantage of a Scheduled task.

SuperFetch is quite helpful in two aspects: it decreases boot time, and guarantee that the most frequently used applications load more efficiently. SuperFetch is able to adapt itself to your usage patterns by means of timing. Readyboost is designed for computers with 1GB or less of RAM that don't have any option to increase it.

Typical signs of sysmain.dll errors

  1. ReadyBoost and sysmain - error 1067 stating that the process terminated unexpectedly.
  2. ReadyBoost Error, sysmain disabled.
  3. Sysmain turns off automatically.
  4. Readyboost is not enabled because the service responsible for ReadyBoost (Sysmain) has been turned off on this computer.
  5. An administrator can turn the Sysmain service back on.
  6. Super Fetch not running start the SysMain service.
  7. Superfetch will not start says sysmain.dll is off or not found.
  8. Event ID 1000: Faulting application name: svchost.exe_SysMain.

When the sysmain.dll is corrupted, you will have the problem that Superfetch will not start with an error message saying sysmain.dll not found, but you check to see the file is still in system32 folder under windows.

You cannot set readyboost to run on a SD disk and it says sysmain.dll is not running and has to be started; it is hard to figure out why this occurs manually. Let the professional dll error fixer DLL TOOL handle such a complicated situation.

What are the causes of sysmain.dll errors?

It; though it may seem not necessary is definitely slowing my laptop way down from where it was before this issue, especially my boot times have multiplied immensely. The Hard drive appears to have no issues. But on my Toshiba satellite the eco feature no longer displays or works to show the status of the hard drive and whether it is tilted or anything.

The sysmain.dll appcrash is followed by a series of failing processes under svchost.exe, such as the User-Mode Driver Framework. Windows Aero seems to be disabled at the same time; and it is hard to tell how this is related. The svchost.exe error comes together with the event IDs, which means “service terminated unexpectedly”. This error only seems to come up when you are running World of Warcraft, and cannot be seen while the system is idle or running other programs.

As the error related to ReadyBoost, devices can not be used for Readyboost because the service responsible for ReadyBoost has been turned off on the computer. You have to be the administrator in order to turn the Sysmain service back on.

How to fix it?

Superfetch is enabled by default, you check and click the Start Menu, type services and hit Enter to choose Superfetch in the service list and right-click on it, from Properties, and you will see that the startup type is Automatic. The more RAM you have the more useful it is. Disabling superfetch will reduce performance of your system.

Normally, sysmain.dll should not be maxing out your processor all the time. If it does, you can try to disable it as follows: Click the Start Menu, type services and hit Enter to choose Superfetch in the service list and right-click on it, from Properties, set the startup type as Disabled and click the Stop button to stop the service, click Ok.

Windows 7 have a good repair install. It preserves all the user settings and also program settings, so that you are not afraid of losing your important data to resolve your problem this way. If the situation is worse, some of your applications will be caused to have issues, and it may take a few months to deal with this problem if you are trying to solve it yourself.

If you do not want to do a clean install and to upgrade all my programs as well as reinstall everything, you may try using DLL TOOL to exactly diagnose what is going with the issue and present you with an auto solution to fix the sysmain.dll error successfully.

Besides, this dll error fixer also functions as a defender against malware attacks towards dll files and makes them secure.