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finger.exe errors on weg.exe and logon.exe

May 28, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downlaods finger.exe and repairs finger exe problems including weg.exe and logon.exe application have stopped working caused by 1.exe virus for your PC installed with Microsoft Windows OS such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

What is finger.exe?

Finger.exe is a TCPIP Finger Command process. It is used to displays information about a user or users on a specified remote computer that is running the Finger service or daemon. The remote computer specifies the format and output of the user information display. Used without parameters, finger displays help.

Finger.exe has the ability to display user information in long list format, help at the command prompt; specify the user about which information you want, the remote computer running the Finger service where you are looking for user information, a computer name or IP address.

A finger service is not provided for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Available of finger.exe requires that the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) protocol must be installed as an integral part of a network adapter in Network Connections. Remote User Information Program (RUIP) is started on the remote end of the connection to process the request.

The Finger.exe file would supply a user's information of current logged-on status, e-mail address, full name etc. Finger.exe displays the contents of standard user information in the user's home directory. This file contains such useful information as the user's current activities, and is often maintained by the user in a way similar to micro-blogging.

At the early stage when internet came into being, the detailed information, such as e-mail addresses and full names were not considered so private and essential for the personal security. But now, it is a regular antivirus measure not to disclose this kind of data in the process of networking.

This means that the finger daemon has had a few of security holes, and hackers have used them to break into the networking systems. Besides, the finger protocol is also incompatible with Network Address Translation (NAT); it could not be used by the majority of home and office workstations connect to the Internet through routers or firewalls. Therefore, this service has gradually been deserted at the vast majority of websites by the late 1990s.

What are finger.exe errors?

Unlike the finger used for the modern devices, such as finger swiper, Touch Pad, Finger print option from login screen, finger pad and so on, the term finger used in finger.exe means a command to display information over TCP/IP.

We take the shortcuts on the Desktop for example. Whenever you click on one of them, the corresponding program is started by its executable (an .exe file). Generally speaking, this kind of files is used to launch and run applications, services, and processes. A .dll file needs to be loaded by an executable file; the .exe file executes the functions offered by dll files for the users to fulfill their jobs.

On top of that, finger.exe is something totally about internet, it is therefore one of the most favorite targets for Trojan / spyware to fetch the personal information. So you have to take care of the security for such a dll file.

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