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imapi.dll error repair and download

May 29, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads imapi.dll and fix imapi.dll is missing or was not found problems for your PC installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

What is imapi.dll?

Imapi.dll, known as the Image Mastering Applications Programming Interface (API) library, is a Windows NT/2000/XP generic process used for burning CDs with the IMAPI (Image Mastering Applications Programming) interface. Imapi.dll allows disc-authoring applications to communicate with your disc-burning hardware and the Windows operating system. Imapi.dll is located in SystemRoot\system32 by default.

Imapi.dll is a component of Microsoft Windows operating system and is used for CD and DVD authoring and recording. Whenever you want to create ISO images and "burn" discs, you can use Windows applications such as Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, Windows Movie Maker, Windows DVD Maker, and Windows Explorer via Imapi.dll, which contains the Image Mastering API resources and instructions for an application to be used while burning CD.

Image Mastering API Service for CD-Burning was introduced in Windows XP and 2003. This service manages recording data & music to CD by the Microsoft IMAPI standard. Any application which conforms to this standard will be enabled to write directly onto a CD. When this service is started, you are able to drop data directly onto a CD-R from Windows Explorer or from within Windows applications.

Common signs of Imapi.dll errors

  1. Cannot successfully download IMAPI_XP_SRV2003_x86.exe.
  2. Concect burner and restart media player in player 11.
  3. Imapi.dll errors is missing.
  4. All applications that use IMAPI can not detect my recordable DVD Drives as recordable.
  5. Cannot install IMAPI_XP_SRV2003_x86.exe on Windows XP Pro SP3. Receive message that it is not a valid Win32 program.
  6. During buring CD getting the error POWER COLLABRATION error. Disabled the IMAPI services also getting the same error.
  7. Media player 11 will not burn audio cd. It will prepare the burn list, write the first song to disc then finalizes the disc, then error code appears and the disc is completely clean.

Causes of Imapi.dll errors and fixes for them

When you notice slowness of your operating system, strange error messages from your CD-Writer software, or a warning that another program is using the CD-Writer, it will be probably the consequences of imapi.dll not to be compatible with third party CD Writing software. Only versions of Roxio's Easy CD Creator v5 or v6 are workable for CD-Writer software run Imapi.dll.

It is recommended that you do not use your CD-Writer software while applying Windows XP/2003 to write to recordable CDs. Or you disable this service and employ the third party software. Then you can look for IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service from the Start menu, set its Startup Mode to Manual on the Services tab to prevent it from running at startup.

If Imapi.dll missing error message pops up or some other strange symptoms appear, you may rebuild these files using the System File Checker utility at first. If this method doesn't solve the issue, it is likely that the registry entries of Imapi.dll are corrupted by the incorrect operation when using Windows Explorer, so you can have DLL TOOL to scan your system for invalid registry entries, and perform an auto repair if there is any problem.