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fusion.dll not found or either not designed error

May 29, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads fusion.dll and saves to its location C:\Windows\System32\ to fix fusion dll was not found or is either not designed problems for your PC installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows Vista and Windows 8.

Basics of fusion.dll

The fusion.dll file is an assembly manager module of the .net framework developed by Microsoft Corporation. Its default path is in the directory of C:\Windows\System32, the version is 2.0.50727.312.

The fusion.dll supplies all export to connect to program interfaces and provides portal among programs that have no library files. It is essential to make the computer programs and applications run properly. But fusion.lib does not contain fusion.dll file and this program does no good for you to apply Internet.

The functions of fusion.dll file include the startup of the download caches, the ways to close the search mode via the Uniform Resource Locator. The fusion.dll process is able to maintain various kinds of assembly caches such as download caches and the ZAP caches. As a component of Microsoft.NET Framework, the download cache fetches a partially compiled code library or assemblies downloaded from the Internet; the ZAP cache is the place where the system NGEN produces pre-compiled native assembly images.

The fusion.dll file contains GAC API Interfaces to remove the bugs in the DLL code sharing. GAC API Interface was formerly called the Fusion caches and is an artificial name for COM GAC, and is controlled by the fusion.dll file at the system-level. All Windows assemblage programs are stored in GAC functions by means of gacutil tool or fusion.dll file found in Windows Explorer. They are supported by a user-friendly interface with the GAC program.

The fusion.dll file is such a useful utility that is available in Microsoft Computer Programs for Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000, and Microsoft Windows Professional.

Errors with fusion.dll file

1) Virus infected fusion.dll

Problem with windows using fusion vmware: Windows 7 is operable under fusion vmware. Only windows media player is displayed after every boot up and no matter what button is entered, medial player comes up. This happened with receiving an email that fedex could not deliver a package and to download the shipping label to track, this was fraudulent.

2) Vista and VMWare Fusion 3 shared folders problem

Installing VMware tools and 3rd party program on Vista with VMWare Fusion 3: keep getting the message Could not access network location //VMware-host/shared folder/ missing - error 1606.


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A Mac Book Air is using Win7Pro both as a Boot Camp and the same installation via VMWare fusion. In order to move to Win8 by starting the boot camp partition from scratch, you use OSX to re-create the boot partition, install Windows, but end up with a question to activate Windows in the application of fusion. Previously with Windows it hasn't been too fussy... as long as you had the old serial number you could get through the process.

What are the causes of fusion.dll errors?

Because fusion.dll file stores very important functions essential for the daily operation of windows operating system, a Trojan, spyware or rootkit has to rely on it for their purpose. Therefore, fusion.dll issues often come out of the malware infection.

While downloading an application from site you are unfamiliar site, it would be sometimes too late before realizing that it was ilivid download manager, which is nothing to do with Paint.net. Tried to get out of the download situation but ended up with a black screen in VMware and now can't get back into Windows 7.

As for the question about MS licensing of Windows Vista and 7, neither can Microsoft confirm or deny if it is possible to purchase a Windows 7 Retail version and upgrade your Fusion image to Windows 7 without making a full (clean) installation. The reason has been explained that you can't upgrade from an OS that is not activated even if you buy the Retail version. The point of making a migration by using Fusion was to have the original Vista machine as intact as possible.

Ways to resolve fusion.dll errors

In order to be able to run PC Games on iMac using VM-Fusion, you are sometimes supposed to install Windows 7 without being upgrade. But most often, you have to carry out Device Driver update; System Update; Video Card updates. The protection of your operating system against malware is also necessary for a correct play of fusion.dll functions.

If you have set the Windows Firewall to allow the program, run MS Security Essentials, shut down any and all unnecessary programs and tasks, re-installed the problematic program, tried publishing to different ISPs, but still cannot resolve the issue, it is time for you to try DLL TOOL.