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wab.exe error repair and download

May 29, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads wab.exe and saves to its location C:\Windows\System32\ to fix wab.exe application error for your PC installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

At some website, it is stated that wab.exe could be a SDBOT, a network worm and it is not absolutely clear which product this file is part of and who is its author. Then you are recommended to disable and delete the wab.exe process as soon as possible.

So there comes a big question: what is wab.exe and is it spyware, a Trojan or a worm and if so, how do I get rid of this wab.exe file?

What is wab.exe?

Wab.exe is the Microsoft Windows Address Book (WAB) executable. This process is the main executable preinstalled for the Windows Address Book accessory. Like a traditional address book Wab.exe stores and edits information relating to your contacts. The windows address book is commonly integrated into Outlook, MsWord and Excel. This process should be running for the Windows Address Book to store your contacts' information.

So we can know that the WAB is an application and service that enables users to keep track of people. It is provided with a local database and user interface for finding and editing information about people, and it can use Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to query network directory servers. Other applications such as Microsoft Outlook can use the WAB as its e-mail address book.

The location of wab.exe will vary according to which Windows operating system you are running, availability of Windows User Profiles and the upgrade path you have taken. To exactly know where this file is located, open it in OE and click Help About Address Book. If there is no path shown, that means no wab.exe file is used and OE has been set to share the Contacts folder in Outlook.

Windows Explorer displays the wab file folder by the username and an automatic backup copy. All WAB files and backups can be searched on your computer. By default OE opens the WAB showing only the contents of the current Identity's folder. Only the Shared Contacts folder is visible to all Identities, which allows all Identities share a common WAB file.

The default location is at C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\wab.exe. This path confuses most users to think that this program can only be used by Outlook Express. But standalone WABs can function outside of OE. To open a standalone WAB, simply double-click a .wab file. A stand-alone WAB will use the email settings of the current Identity If a new Mail Message started from within, this file.

Symptoms of wab.exe errors

  1. Wab file missing with an error that states the WAB DLL file can not be located.
  2. Unable to open imported WAB files in Windows 8.
  3. Attempting to send mail. Answer: cannot find WAB DLL, therefore no mail send.
  4. A pop up that interrupts game play, it says it can't find the WAB DLL in Windows Address Book.
  5. MS Outlook 2000 can't find WAB dll.
  6. Have tried putting wab32.dll & wab32res.dll into system32 all to no avail still get error message saying can't find wab dll.
  7. Problems printing the WAB in Win7.
  8. WAB remains open; can't shut down.
  9. Trouble importing an Outlook Express WAB file (address book) on to a new computer with Windows 7.
  10. Problems importing wab file into re-installed Outlook Express 6.0.
  11. An error message that the office assistant is unable to find the WAB whenever trying to do something with contacts or outlook.
  12. A problem importing Outlook Express Windows Address Book (WAB) from one PC running Windows XP to a new computer that is using Windows Live Mail and running Windows 7.
  13. At almost every shut down, a WAB Notification window tells that the program is not responding. You have to end the program in order for the shutdown to continue. The only event that occurred when this started to happen is that you change from Norton to Kaspersky.

Causes of wab.exe errors

1) Setting issue of wab.exe

While the new PC/Windows Mail Live indicated that the WAB transferred successfully, it did not import in exactly the same way that it exists on the one with XP using Outlook Express. Just because some of the contacts appear to be missing all together, others are not showing in the folders/categories to which they belong, and many have lost their First and Last names, instead showing the email address both under the email category and under the user name category.

2) Malware problems

Most likely many of wab.exe errors are the result of malware infection. Malware includes viruses, Trojan horses, worms, and spyware. A virus infects wab.exe by embedding a copy of itself in this executable file. A worm can change the settings of wab.exe through a network or Internet connection. A Trojan horse masquerades itself as a legitimate wab.exe file.

Solutions to wab.exe errors

Firstly, try to learn more about how to use wab.exe and know the functions and settings of wab.exe file, so that you will be able to give it into full play. For example, as for an Identity Logon error message, you can click OK and open the Identity Logon: select an Identity and the New Message will open. Then you have access to the normal New Message functions according to the settings for the current Identity. Press Shift-Ctrl-B to open the Address Book from this New Message, you will see only the WAB that you are using instead of the default OE WAB.

If wab.exe is corrupted / faulty. You can have tried uninstalling outlook express and also importing / exporting the address book.

Secondly, if the description states that it is a piece of malware, you should immediately run an antivirus and antispyware program. A regular virus removal won't solve the issues completely, and may cause the wab.exe file to be quarantined and deleted all together. In this case, we have to reinstall a fresh copy. You may try to download a working wab.exe from a website, but be careful not to be infected again.

Or simply, please feel free to try DLL TOOL with its auto check and fix features to clean up the related registry entries as well as download the corrupt dll file for free.