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fxsapi.dll missing or not found error

June 03, 2014

DLL ToolDLL Tool downloads fxsapi.dll and repair fxsapi.dll problems for your PC installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Introduction to fxsapi.dll

Fxsapi.dll file is described as the Support DLL for Microsoft Fax API. It is associated with Microsoft Fax Services, and its default directory is in C:\Windows\System32. The fxsapi.dll file is an integral part of Windows Operating Systems.

Fxsapi.dll file provides many useful functions to be shared across applications. This file should be well kept in its original location and not be removed or disabled, or many applications will fail to access it for their normal operation. On top of that, the fxsapi.dll file is essential to keep the stability of the Windows Operating System and any issue with it may reduce the performance of your machine.

Specifically, Microsoft fax services are supported by the fxsapi.dll process. This process ensures that you are able to send and receive fax by means of any modem over Windows Operating Systems. Be default, the fxsapi.dll file helps you with provision of fax services in the course of installing a modem in your computer; it provides the functions you would need in order to configure these services.

Although the Microsoft Fax API is only available in Windows 2000 and later versions, fxsapi.dll is a safe module used to support the necessary functions for Microsoft Fax API to run correctly and you should leave this DLL running in the background of your system to be able to take advantage of Microsoft Fax Services.

What are fxsapi.dll errors?

Fxsapi.dll error messages will be seen when trying to use or install fax services for other programs, when surfing the internet, printing a webpage, or it may be when installing a modem. The error message itself will tell something about what is wrong with your operating system, and typically they are shown as follows:

  1. Failure to load fxsapi.dll.
  2. The application didn't start because of a corrupted fxsapi.dll. Re-install the program may resolve this issue.
  3. Unable to find fxsapi.dll in its default location.
  4. Fsapi.dll can not be found.
  5. Unable to configure the modem for fax services: the needed component does not have fxsapi.dll.

Why do I have fxsapi.dll errors?

This error can be caused by improper settings of modem or by the broken linkage of related registry entries due to the registry malfunction or a malware or virus issue. It is pretty difficult to exactly determine why there is an fxsapi.dll error, you are supposed to ask for help from a computer person or apply a professional fixer like DLL TOOL in this situation.

A virus will infect fxsapi.dll by modifying the key values of the window registry; the Windows Registry is the brain of the Windows operating system, and if the registry becomes disordered or has some bad section related to fxsapi.dll, you will definitely be confronted with the above errors.

How to fix fxsapi.dll errors?

Run DLL TOOL to analyze the exact cause of fxsapi.dll errors and have them fixed. If it is a virus infection, this software can clean the leftover after the removal and renew all the affected items. Besides, it supports the auto cleanup of registry and free download of fxsapi.dll file.

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