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penIMC.dll missing or not found error

June 03, 2014

DLL ToolDLL Tool downloads penIMC.dll and repair penIMC.dll problems for your PC installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

What is Penimc.dll?

Penimc.dll a Microsoft Tablet PC Platform Component, and it is a part of Microsoft .NET Framework.

Microsoft Tablet PC complies with a set of specifications, and a pen-enabled personal computer adheres to hardware specifications and runs a licensed copy of Windows Tablet PC Edition operating system. Hundreds of tablet personal computers have been manufactured and welcomed by users.

Tablet functionality introduces a new Math Input Panel that recognizes handwritten math expressions and formulas, and integrates with other programs. Pen input and handwriting recognition are becoming faster, more accurate, and supportive of more languages. Custom dictionaries cane personalized to recognize the specialized vocabulary, and text prediction speeds up the input process. Touch gestures with your fingers are applied similar to a mouse.

But there are some problems with tablet functions, for example, touch screen drivers are not recognized as a touch input device for some Tablet PCs, and tablet functions will be thus unavailable.

Typical penimc.dll errors

Maybe, you are being annoyed by frequent penimc.dll pop-up messages, or being confused about the pen-enabled gadget not to write in the way as you wish. Here are the examples of perimc.dll errors you could encounter most probably:

  1. PenIMC.dll has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience
  2. The program can't start because PenIMC.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
  3. PenIMC.dll failed to be loaded in C:\WINDOWS\system32\.
  4. The program can't start because PenIMC.dll is missing from your computer.

Penimc.dll errors are most common in every versions of the Windows operating system. As a result, you fail to use PenIMC.dll to create and edit files; your computer runs extremely slow and performs poorly, likely to break down or freeze.

Why do I have penimc.dll errors?

PenIMC.dll error massages indicate that there is something wrong with PenIMC.dll file or its settings. Software conflicts may cause your Windows crash and display penimc.dll error messages. And the Installation of some antivirus software may always cause the system to pop up the penimc.dll application error.

In addition, if penIMC.dll workloads seriously exceed its capacity, or viruses and threats corrupt registry entries which are related to PenIMC.dll; Computer drivers are obsolete and can't support the current work, you will have a penIMC.dll error.

Fixes of PenIMC.dll error

Check penIMC.dll for malware infection by opening Task Manager and seeing file location immediately. Once you find PenIMC.dll is not in the default location, your computer is probably attacked by malicious PC threats and you must take actions to remove related threats and fix the error promptly.

If you get PenIMC.dll error, chances are windows registry is sluggish and unstable; it is time for you to repair your system registry. But repairing the registry is really technical job for an ordinary computer user to finish. It is therefore necessary to resort to professional repair software like DLL TOOL.

This dll fixer repair and clean up the registry as well as fix any dll issue including penIMC.dll error.

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