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polstore.dll missing or not found error

June 03, 2014

DLL ToolDLL Tool downloads polstore.dll and repair polstore.dll problems for your PC installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

About polstore.dll

Polstore.dll is a Policy Storage dll process; it is part of The Base Filtering Engine (BFE) service distributed by Microsoft Corporation. Polstore.dll version of 6.1.7600.16385 is used by Microsoft Windows Operating System. This file is about 267.5 KB in size and located in c:\windows\system32\polstore.dll by default.

As the integral part of BFE service, polstore.dll helps with management of firewall and IPsec policies, supports implementation of user mode filtering. Stopping or disabling the BFE service stops polstore.dll, reducing the security of the system and resulting in strange performance of IPsec and firewall settings.

Together with the BFE, polstore.dll is preinstalled as the Windows Filtering Platform in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. This file starts up automatically and it is used by the Local Service account. Polstore.dll enables remote management of Windows Firewall.

Internet Protocol security (IPsec) supports authentication of peer at network level and data origin, and it ensures data integrity, data encryption, and replay protection. Polstore.dll enforces IPsec policies and its Service Host Launch Command is C:\ Windows\ system32\ svchost.exe - k Network Service Network Restricted. If you stop this service, you may experience network connectivity issues related to applications of policy in IPsec.

Polstore.dll error signs

Are you being annoyed by polstore.dll error? This error is associated with polstore.dll module and is thus a crucial system error. You will find the following errors are most common:

  1. Polstore.dll entry point cannot be loaded.
  2. Can't boot the computer (polstore.dll error).
  3. System32| polstore.dll file missing or corrupt.
  4. Cannot start polstore.dll service access denied error.

Blue screen is produced by Base filtering Engine: Get a Blue Screen of Death at boot time. Disabling Base Filtering Engine in Services using msconfig stops the BSOD. The file polstore.dll is probably corrupted.

Causes of polstore.dll errors

Polstore.dll errors are generally an outcome of conflicting applications running in the computer, and the corruption of polstore.dll and/or other related dll files.

Incorrect or incomplete uninstall and reinstall of the associated applications, invalid, broken registry entries could lead to polstore.dll errors. And the registry stores every setting and configuration of dll files under which the operation of these files is controlled. Any misuse of the registry may result in a dll error, such as polstore.dll error.

Approaches to fixing polstore.dll errors

To fix this error you will have to completely remove the applications that you do not use anymore with the help of DLL TOOL, which precisely wipe out any leftover in the process of deleting unwanted processes by recovering their registry entries.

As a critical system file, polstore.dll file is broadly connected to other system files, and its linkages to other dll files are intertwined in such a way that it is extremely difficult to handle them manually.

Run a full scan of DLL TOOL to repair the whole of issues in Windows registry, at the same time, fix corrupted polstore.dll and other dll files' error. Then use DLL TOOL to download a working copy of polstore.dll for free and re-register it under the Wizard.

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