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diskpart.exe application error

June 03, 2014

DLL ToolDLL Tool downloads diskpart.exe and repair diskpart.exe problems for your PC installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The basics you should know about diskpart.exe

Diskpart.exe is a diskpart.exe application; this command-line utility replaces fdisk which was used in MS-DOS based operating systems for hard disk partitioning, and is available in versions of the Windows NT operating system line since Windows 2000. This utility prevents creating multipartition layout for flash drives and other removable media while it is able to partition internal hard drives.

Diskpart provides the same functions as the GUI Disk Management MMC snap-in and its operation can be scripted. Both disk management and diskpart utility in server 2003 are able to manage disk partition like create, extend, delete, etc. As a command line utility, Diskpart can be run from an external drive and/or media and have some extra options. Disk management has a GUI thus needs to run in a windows environment.

You must assign the disk number you are using the first time, for example, selects the drive C for the first fixed disk in your system, then all diskpart commands will be performed on disks. This assignment can be changed to another disk as you wish. The syntax of a diskpart command includes diskpart [/add | /delete], [device_name | drive_name | partition_name] and [size].

You cannot format disks using diskpart - you must do this using the format command from the command line. The diskpart command supports the use of scripts to automate its usage. The installed disks and their associated volumes and/or partitions can be viewed by these commands:

You can find the Recovery Console in all Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, it has a diskpart command. This command only allows for adding and deleting partitions, but not for setting an active partition. The Windows Recovery Environment is the successor of the original Recovery Console and can be supported by this command.

The common diskpart.exe errors

  1. Failed to make Windows To Go' USB, turns flash drive into RAW filesystem, flash drive is now unformatable.
  2. Diskpart's clean all hangs, no signs of HD activity.
  3. Diskpart unable to open or read script file.
  4. Constant use of DISKPART utility.
  5. Diskpart' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
  6. The list volume for diskpart and resource monitor are different: Like the Volumet number in diskpart Volume 6 will be referred to as \Device\HarddiskVolume7.
  7. DiskPart shows a discrepancy between Current Read-only State and Read-only lines which stops formatting a USB flash drive. Note the discrepancy in the bold, italic lines which say Current Read-only State: Yes but Read-only: No. This disenables deleting the files or reformatting the drive.
  8. Setting partition active with Diskpart, won't save when exit: For some reason the boot partition is no longer active, Diskpart is set to active. It seems to work, showing the next to the right partition, but the partition is not active when exiting the tool.
  9. DISKPART clean to a wrong drive.

What are the causes of diskpart.exe errors?

1. The wrong drive inside DISKPART has been cleaned under DOS so that the backup copy of the Boot Sector could not be found at the end, even using DiskProbe. After the CLEAN Command the disk became RAW System and was NTFS before.

2. The diskpart program is not installed for Windows Server 2000, such as the Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools for administrative tasks, which the diskpart program is included. Be sure to take the default installation location.

3. The required hotfix KB 942589 is missing for 64-bit Windows Server 2003. Install the hotfix as required. The diskpart program is not installed in the expected location. It should be in C:\Windows\system32\diskpart.exe.

How to fix diskpart.exe errors?

If you want a bootable flash drive, you need a utility like diskpart to do that. Then copying an install DVD to it will make it act as bootable install media for Windows. It is possible to update diskpart.exe with version 5.1 in windows xp, to something like which is in windows vista and windows 7 to get the benefit of the function shrink.

Sometime people would accidentally delete the diskpart.exe file, so go check the Windows recycle bin for the deleted diskpart.exe, right click on it and select restore. If the diskpart.exe file has been emptied from the recycle bin, you may try to download it from the reliable DLL TOOL.

Or you can reinstall the associated program that was installed immediately right before the error occurs. Reinstallation of this program will replace the problematic diskpart.exe file so as to fix the error.

Use DLL TOOL to fix your computer registry. As always, registry problem is one of the main causes of system file errors like diskpart.exe issue. Run a full scan of your system with this repair software, and it will perform an auto detection and repair of the Registry. Press Repair All to resolve all the registry issues for diskpart.exe error.

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