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msdart.dll missing or not found

June 03, 2014

DLL ToolDLL Tool downloads msdart.dll and repair msdart.dll problems for your PC installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

What is msdart.dll?

Msdart.dll, known as Microsoft Data Access is the libraries of Microsoft Active Data Objects (ADO), Object Linking and Embedding DB, and Open Database Connectivity (OBDC). Its default directory is in C:\ Windows\ system32\ msdart.dll and the version is 2.81.1117.0. The msdart.dll file is associated with Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Data Access standard version and Microsoft SQL Server.

All these libraries of msdart.dll are coming together to provide access to a various data sources. Msdart.dll functions as a platform for the enterprise to share information among its employee. Microsoft Data Access is available in the standard and the runtime versions. The msdart.dll contains the runtime version, in which some of the features of the standard Microsoft Data Access have been disabled for applications protection so that your application can be running securely under the msdart.dll application.

Other features that are excluded in the msdart.dll module are the design views, toolbars, as well as many windows, commands, and menus to be used for data access and processing. As for the Window/ Hide and Window/ Unhide commands, their functions are generally accessible by using a code, although they are invisible and available in the standard version.

Since the msdart.dll application lacks of some features, you would find some extra coding troubles with getting command bars available. To add toolbars to your application, you need to customize them based on your specific requirements for the forms, and then get them registered in Windows Registry.

Approaches to errors must be included in the msdart.dll file so that the occurrence of an error will be displayed by the application in a standard dialog box to indicate that an irrecoverable error exists, and Windows have to exit to the desktop. These features can ensure that the msdart.dll application is powerful and practicable.

The msdart.dll ships with Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows ME. Actually almost all the Microsoft products include or install the msdart.dll module, including Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. If this file gets corrupted, a redistributable copy of the msdart.dll is available by free download from the Internet. Or you can use DLL TOOL to reinstall the same Microsoft Data Access components and recover your system immediately.

Typical symptoms of madart.dll errors

  1. Trying to register MSDART.DLL on windows 7 machine with the following error: MSDART.DLL was loaded but the entry point DLLRegisterServer was not found, or while installing a vb database application
  2. MSDart - Recovering a Hard Drive - Not Working: it could see that the SSD exists, but not explore it or even tell how big of a drive it is. A regular running of the repair tools and 'Startup Recovery' did not fix the problem after several iterations.
  3. When trying to install a local made software on windows7 SP1, an error message is shown as missing msdart.dll component so that the installation was not success.
  4. Sstray64.exe application error, mmc.exe application error, and a zte usb modem has access violation errors/msdart.dll and Eolesyserrors in module dll_netcard_r.dll.

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