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user32.dll missing or not found error

June 03, 2014

DLL ToolDLL Tool downloads user32.dll and repair user32.dll problems for your PC installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Introduction to user32.dll

User32.dll is used to implement the Windows User Application Programming Interface as one of the core components of the Windows Operating System. It is located in C:\Windows\system32 by default, its version is 4.00.950. Its normality is associated with comctl32.dll, user.exe and Windows User API.

The functions of user32.dll file can be customized for the Windows API to be built. This capability of the user32.dll link empowers applications greatly. Because of this, Windows applications have a great of responsibility for handling various low-level, sometimes tedious, operations that are related with a graphical user interface.

It is the user32.dll file that connects the operating system to an application together with a series of technologies. Standing with the main Windows API, Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) was one of the primary goals for user32.dll to start out with, and was replaced by Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) and later by the Component Object Model (COM).

The user interface is included in the user.exe file on the current versions of Windows. It is to manage screen windows by the most basic controls, such as buttons and scrollbars to accept mouse and keyboard input, and other tasks associated with the gaming and drawing interface for gamers and painters. These basic controls have been integrated into the Common Controls Library of the comctl32.dll file.

The user32.dll module includes many functions and you may use external tools to list the function names, but the list of parameters of what, when and how to use, etc. would be in the documentation. Instructions for graphical elements are stored in the User32.dll file, such as dialog boxes and windows.

Typical signs of User32.dll errors

The operation of Windows relies on the user32.dll file. If this file is damaged, deleted, or removed due to one reason or another, a program or a service will be unable to access User32.dll correctly; the error messages will show up as follows:

  1. The procedure entry point DwmHintDxUpdate (or fyMessageA) could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll: It is shown on Drive C after Login screen. Windows 7 then reverts to black screen -- only cursor is displayed after a system recovery due to various unknown issues. The error message would not go away.
  2. The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory. The application will not run properly. The relocation occurred because the DLL C: \sdk\jli.dll occupied an address range reversed for Windows system DLLs. The vendor supplying the DLL should be contacted for a new DLL.
  3. Error 1402: Can't open hkey_current_user32 on 64 Bit Windows. Some Program won't install, and more often not de-install properly. As your 64 Bit registry doesn't have such a key at all.
  4. The procedure entry point QueryDisplayConfig could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll
  5. Access violation at address 7E42948D in module USER32.dll. Read of address 017C8004
  6. STOP: C0000135 (unable to locate component) This application has failed to start because user32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
  7. IE8 appcrash fault module ntdll.dll, user32.dll or User32 give some error while using Microsoft Visual Studio.

What are causes of user32.dll errors?

1) User32.dll file could be damaged during an update or in the process of virus removal, and this leads to a missing routine for a program to run with a failure of the program to be loaded.

2) Damaged or missing Program files will result in invalid call to routines in User32.dll, thus coming up user32.dll errors. And incompatibility of software with Windows also arouses this kind of user32.dll error message.

3) A conflict of memory allocation of User32.dll with other system files will make User32.dll be relocated in memory. This relocation is considered an Illegal System DLL Relocation, with a user32.dll error message. The memory conflicts usually occur when the installation of software or files occupies the User32.dll memory space.

4) Your pc is infected by Trojan Tibs/gen!ids or other malware because User32.dll is a favorite target for some viruses to invade Windows.

5) If Windows registry is damaged, the corrupted registry entries relative to user32.dll may result in a damaged User32.dll file. And the above causes are all reflected by the corresponding modification of registry entries.

Consequences of user32.dll errors

These errors would let you suffer from a failure of internet explorer has stop working, to open calculator or Game app, such as grand chase, or even a system crash. This error also does not allowing your flash player to update; also causes Chrome, Nokia PC, Flash player and more programs not to be installed. So you are urgent to fix them.

Solutions to fixing user32.dll errors

Recovery Console can be used to restore the original User32.dll file from your Windows CD. This will replaces the copy of User32.dll on your computer by using the original copy of User32.dll, provided that Windows CD is available at the moment you need it.

When user32.dll has been infected and your antivirus has removed an indicated virus from the file c:\windows\system32\user32.dll, you may try to use Windows Recovery Console to replace the user32.dll file with the one on your original windows CD. Or simply enough, just give a try on DLL TOOL, because it contains a well preserved collection of all the system files for a fix by free download. Besides, this repair software is able to cleanse the bad effect done by infection without tampering the functionality of user32.dll and other dll files.

You will not be troubled by hunting a Trojan or a rootkit yourself. DLL TOOL has a built-in search engine for current malware, such as conhost.exe Trojan, it also provides the solution to fixing the problems caused by this Trojan, during which the user32.dll will not be changed anyway.

What is more, DLL TOOL allows for auto check and repair of the registry malfunction by the exact diagnosis and recovery of the inflicted key values. Like the current well known registry cleaner, this dll fixer cleans up the Registry for the best performance of your PC.

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