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How to fix opcservices.dll errors

June 11, 2014

DLL ToolDLL Tool fixes and rapairs opcservices.dll missing or not found problems for your PC installed with Microsoft Operating Systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

What is opcservices.dll?

Opcservices.dll is a dynamic link library running on Microsoft Windows operating system. Its file version information describes it as Native Code OPC Services Library. This file is located in C:\Windows\System32.

OPC s OLE for process control (OPC). OpcServices.dll provides base services for abstract method descriptions. These services are not respectively limited to a protocol and are the foundation to hold all the functionality of OPC in a Unified Architecture. There are two kinds of protocols for this architecture: the binary TCP protocol and Web Service protocol. Transport layer serializes and de-serializes the data to put these methods into a protocol. And this layer transmits the data over the network.

Under the binary protocol, the best performance can be achieved while least overhead is ensured; the best interoperability is offered with minimum resources. The binary protocols offer high speed of transmission and interpretation for internet communication. With the ready availability of network bandwidth and mass storage, text based protocols prevail over binary based protocols.

The Web Service protocol is responsible for transporting messages between network applications and best supported from available tools, such as Java or .NET environments, and is harmonious with firewall over standard internet ports. This kind of protocols includes HTTP, SMTP, FTP, as well as the more recent Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol. There is also a mixed version where the code is binary but the transport layer is text. This is a compromise between efficient binary coding and transmission.

What are the typical signs of OpcServices.dll errors?

  1. Errors from sfc/scannow - xpsservices.dll, OpcServices.dll, d3d10.dll, d3d10core.dll
  2. Cannot repair member file xpsservices.dll.

Sfc/scannow command, it found some of the dll files corrupted and it is also not found in the store place, how to fix opcservices.dll, TapiMigPlugin.dll, SxsMigplugin.dll, docagent.dll, tcpmon.ini corrupted files please help, you have to switch on several times to start my computer, it gives blank screen after loading windows files. Few times it gives desktop to work. Blank screen remains all the times.

What are the causes of OpcServices.dll errors?

This error is mainly caused by a corrupted file that is required to encode OPC service into the way that can be shared by other dll files, such as SxsMigplugin.dll. If the errors with this file and other system files occur at the same time, you can conclude that OpcServices.dll has been corrupted or damaged.

Or this error can be due to a driver conflict.

How to fix it?

For a new game like Planetside2 using Skype, reinstall the graphics drivers to a WHQL-certified driver because installing the newer beta drivers would cause an installation failure with the 3D drivers. You can uninstall and do a clean install by obtaining information about whether a server supports a given profile. Then you will successfully install a HD Audio driver to remove the conflict.

Please try DLL TOOL to scan your driver files for any corruption and perform an auto repair at once. And the related dll errors will be detected and fixed altogether.

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