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How to fix cisvc.exe errors

June 11, 2014

DLL ToolDLL Tool fixes and rapairs cisvc.exe application has stopped working error for your PC installed with Microsoft Operating Systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

Introduction to cisvc.exe

Cisvc.exe is the Content Index service or Indexing Service. The content indexing service helps search files and folders quickly and efficiently by indexing everything on your hard drive(s). Cisvc.exe is one of many mysterious services and processes hogging Windows.

Cisvc.exe is part of the Windows OS indexing service. The service should only index while the computer is not in use, or is only being used minimally, and thus the Cisvc.exe aims to monitor the indexing service to make sure it doesn't use too many resources in terms of memory and CPU usage. Besides, Cisvc.exe also monitors other low-memory situations.

Typical signs of cisvc.exe errors

  1. CPU usage is constantly at 100% because of cisvc.exe despite of switching off indexing. Malware/virus ruled out.
  2. Cisvc.exe is using excessive amounts of CPU and hard drive time. This service never stops. The result is slow operation and damage to the computer.
  3. You have absolutely NO control over your PC. The RPC tells you that either it can't find a document that you know is in MyDocs or denies you access to services. It all began when you found 2 cisvc.exe in MyDocs.
  4. Content index service stops working or crashes with exception code 0xc0000005
  5. Faulting application name: CISVC.EXE, version: 6.1.7600.16385, time stamp: 0x4a5bcd3d.

Why do you have cisvc.exe errors?

Cisvc is used to index your computers hard drive(s) when your computer is idle, so as to make your search faster next time. Indexing your entire HD will use lots of RAM and CPU if you have lots of files. Your PC would be regarded as idle when you are reading mail, writing docs or similar low resource applications, and cisvc.exe starts to work, hence will be assigned vast quantities of CPU cycles and RAM to index as quickly as possible. Or if you are using an application that uses lots of power, and CiSvc decides to start indexing, it can overheat your CPU.

A malicious spyware, such as Key Logger, may take the name of Cisvc.exe and does a variety of things in the background of your system, thus using a lot of resources. This is a typical way adopted by Spyware software to disguise itself.

How to resolve cisvc.exe issues?

The first step is to disable the indexing service completely. Disable Indexing Service and the process cisvc.exe, but if only delete the file from system32 any time when you start your pc, this file will be recovered somehow and run itself. A better solution is to remove this file and create a file with the same name on the same place as a read-only file. This will stop recreating the original cisvc.exe, and should fix many problems associated with Cisvc.exe errors and make your CPU go back to normal.

And then you may run DLL TOOL and scan your whole system to see if there is any malware infection. This repair software has a built-in malware search engine, which has always been updated by a team of experts. Therefore, you can rely on it.

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