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How to fix loop.sys errors

June 11, 2014

DLL ToolDLL Tool fixes and rapairs loop.sys driver blue screen of death (BSOD) problems for your PC installed with Microsoft Operating Systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

What is loop.sys?

Loop.sys is a Loopback Network Driver. This driver enables one program to send MIDI to another program running on the same computer. This can be regarded as a virtual MIDI cable. When send to a loopback driver's output port, the corresponding input will be received by the other program. The inputs and outputs of a loopback driver are displayed as normal MIDI ports in music software. This process is located in C:\Windows\System32\DRIVERS.

While being used in telecommunications, loopback is able to perform transmission tests of the lines at the switching center. Loopback has only one terminal point to be used as a communication channel. The internet protocols set a loopback to support client software to communicate with server software on the same computer.

Users can have an IP address to be specified as loopback for the computer to connect to the internet. There is a specified range of addresses for loopback functionality to be chosen. Loopback is similar to ping while enabling a user to test one's own network for the proper functioning of IP stack.

It will cause damage on your CPU by a feedback loop if you use inputs and output of a loopback channel within the same program at the same time! Most loopback drivers provide multiple channels, i.e. multiple virtual cables to send data between programs. Sometimes the number of those channels is hardwired and not changeable (MIDI Yoke), with some drivers there is a hardwired maximum of channels, but user's can separately enable them (LoopBee) and finally there are drivers that have no hardcoded maximum and you can just create channels as needed.

Loopback drivers can be used mainly for Bluetooth and ADB connections by TouchDAW. This will not cause any problem with WIFI connections. The principle and dataflow are as Internal MIDI for LoopBee30 ports. The names vary according to the specific loopback drivers to be applied.

The internal network driver usually handles the process of sending messages to the local host in a few steps. These steps will be shorcutted in packets. Only by using a loopback adapter, the packets can be captured while the messages are sending much further through the stack, and you would be able to analyze the packets when necessary.

What are common signs of loop.sys errors?

When you are applying Sound Recorder, here comes a question of How to loop audio files and how to create longer audio files. You have been using Sound Recorder, such as play, resume, save options.

When you used Windows Media Player, the time bar only went up to 25mins so you assumed the Recorder cuts off like other lame programs, luckily this is not true and it continues to play the whole lot of time. But it doesn't allow you to move the cursor freely beyond this false 25min stop so you pretty much have to Enhance Play Speed if you wanted to hear something near the end.

Loop.sys error has been categorized as a serious system error, which has the power to result in far more troublesome errors, including loop.sys Blue Screen of Death, network availability issues, difficulty in connecting to some websites, related dll error message boxes, degraded computer performance and system security problem. When this kind of issues taking place in your computer, you will be annoyed badly about how to get rid of it unless you have a reliable and professional dll error fixer in hand.

Why do I have loop.sys errors?

Some software requires some specific network functionality, even if the machine in question doesn't have network functionality. The loopback just works as a dummy network driver, although it can have real network protocols bound to it. The software can thus be installed properly without a real network card installed for the operating system.

In the course of operation of your pc, driver files can go missing or get corrupted by user misuses; infection of adware, spyware, or viruses; corrupted registry entries. It is also true with loop.sys and when the loop.sys errors begin appearing, there must be a serious problem occurring in our computer. So if you are getting loop.sys error messages, you can wait for it to become a bigger problem and actions should be taken at once.

How to resolve loop.sys issues?

It is advisable that you run DLL TOOL to check your operating system for malware after you performed SFC scannow to no avail. This software lets you remedy the inflicted entries related to loop.sys issues; it cleans the leftover after a malware removal and renews the registry keys for a smooth operation.

Besides, DLL TOOL has preserved a reliable collection of system files including loop.sys for free download and reinstall fix. It is good at resolving the common types of dll errors, such as .sys blue screen of death, .exe high cpu/memory and .dll not found errors.

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