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How to fix van.dll errors

June 11, 2014

DLL ToolDLL Tool fixes and rapairs van.dll missing or not found problems for your PC installed with Microsoft Operating Systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

What is van.dll?

Van stands for View Available Networks and van.dll is part of Microsoft Windows Operating System. This file is a hidden system file. It is usually located in the %SYSTEM% folder and its usual size is 638,976 bytes.

VAN.dll is statically linked to msvcrt.dll, ntdll.dll, ADVAPI32.dll, KERNEL32.dll, ole32.dll, USER32.dll, OLEAUT32.dll, SHELL32.dll and so on. When VAN.dll is loaded, these dll files are automatically loaded too. If one of them is corrupted or missing, VAN.dll won't be loaded.

Since the commencement of Windows XP in 2001, support for wireless networking has been improved rapidly. At very beginning, you could enable wireless access through a very simple Connect To link in the Start Menu but was fairly insecure and wireless networks in fact had no protection at all, which was changed in Service Pack 1.

From service Pack 2 for XP, wireless networking UIs in Windows 7 began to takes shape and emerged in the market. A beautiful Wireless Connection interface was added to present the available wireless networks in an outstanding way.

The networking stack was completely rewritten and a lot of the UIs were reworked in Vista. It was the first time for users to enjoy the now-familiar Home, Work, Public network location identification scheme and get to know the notion of networking profiles. The right-click actions were added to Connect to a network interface.

The networking stack in Windows 7 was based on the foundational rewrite in Vista. The user interfaces were then examined carefully and improved to the extent that users were able to interact with the system's wireless networking capabilities, the key interface of which is called View Available Networks (Van.dll).

The Network icon allows you to access View Available Networks in the notification area. The states of this icon vary according to your connectivity status and the types of available networks. Van.dll is available for any types of wireless networks, such as Wi-Fi-style wireless networks and 3G/4G-based WWAN. With presence of multiple adapters, you can connect to multiple wireless networks. Van.dll provides a link to access the Network and Sharing Center.

Common signs of Van.dll errors

  1. Keep getting a c:\windows\system32\van.dll error message and it prevents you from seeing available wireless connections. You are able to connect to known connections but if you are in a new location, you can not see what connections are available.
  2. Unable to access connect to a network and when going to connect to in the start menu, get a message saying error loading van.dll; it is not a valid win32 application. Now, connect to has disappeared from the start menu and it won't show up as an option when trying to do properties>start menu>customize to get it back, and you still cannot access connect to a network from my notification area.
  3. When you start your computer you get a dialog box saying c: /users/van helsing II/appdata/roaming/gdi32f.dll not found.
  4. Getting an error van.dll is missing while trying to open Connect to a Network.
  5. VAN miniport section Problem: This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31). You do not do anything with this. Windows just update itself. You still can connect the internet.

What are causes of van.dll errors?

There are several possible causes of these errors, including the improper configuration, missing or corruption of this file, system malfunctions pertaining to this file, malware infection, and the corrupted registry keys. The primary cause will lie in the problematic registry entries associated with the van.dll file.

1) Improper configuration of van.dll

If the settings of this file are not correct for your current operating system, you will encounter van.dll error messages.

2) Corruption of van.dll and other system files When you finish Windows latest update, your pc may shut itself down and only start up through a system recovery disk. Then it refuses to do a system recovery, and after another reboot, a tooltip doesn't come up showing the current network to which you are connected and you connect see Connect to icon.

3) System issues

Conflicts between system files and van.dll can lead to such an error message that entry point of van.dll into its executable not found. Accidental changes to a dll file statically linked to van.dll file may result in a failure to load this file. For example, if user32.dll gets faulty, the procedure entry point DwmHintDxUpdate could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll, and this will make van.dll unable to be located by Windows.

4) Malware infection

Van.dll is a process closely related to networking. It is a potential security risk which can be modified maliciously by virus. In this case, van.dll could be wrongly disabled or removed if it was attacked and brought you internet connection errors.

Solutions to van.dll errors

At first, you can try to re-install the associated applications, and run DLL TOOL to make sure that your operating system will not have any problems with regard to van.dll. You can go to Start, select Control Panel and then click Add / Remove Programs to remove these applications. You'd be very careful about replacing or deleting system files. After the reboot, re-install them from DLL TOOL, which allows for auto check and fix of system file errors in an easy and professional way.

You would like to use a registry cleaner such as DLL TOOL to repair any registry entry problem so as to rid of van.dll issues. This repair software scans through your PC and deal with any of the problems that could be inside - allowing your system to run much smoother and with all the files it needs to run. If you're having DLL errors, it's likely that the registry malfunction has been responsible for them. Registry repair requires a high level of expertise and any error made on it could result in further issues with your system.

Therefore, let DLL TOOL help you out of this trouble by auto diagnose and repair of registry errors.

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