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How to fix pacer.sys errors

June 13, 2014

DLL ToolDownload pacer.sys free. DLL Tool fixes and repairs pacer.sys blue screen of death (BSOD) for your PC installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

What is pacer.sys?

Pacer.sys is a QoS Packet Scheduler driver file of Microsoft Windows Operating System. By default, this process is located in C:\Windows\System32\DRIVERS. QoS stands for Quality of Service, so we can know that Pacer.sys is a Windows platform component to control the IP traffic for Real Time Communications traffic and other network services.

This file is started automatically on Windows Vista® and Windows XP computers, but not on Windows 2003 computers. This program must be prepared and get ready when the IP stack is going to implement the QoS markings described earlier for audio and video traffic. Maybe you have already known what QoS is and don't need general explanations of the term and opinions on what is QoS packet scheduler based just on its name.

If you are looking for some information on what exactly does Windows QoS packet scheduler affect, you are right to be here: It actually does something useful even without router support; 20% of your bandwidth is reserved only when QoS tasks are running. It reserves outbound bandwidth for particular traffic streams and determines which packets the machine transmits based on their QoS bits.

When no QoS task is running, by default you can enjoy a complete bandwidth. By removing the twenty percent reserve, you would be recovering the piece that is spared for a QoS task to be running. All this can be concluded that you are on the right track not worrying about its effects.

What are symptoms of pacer.sys errors?

  1. An adidas micoach pacer works with XP software but not on the laptop where you have Windows 7.
  2. Trying to download the driver WINDRVDIR\pacer.sys: The computer is running very slow, Firefox, Chrome and IE take ages to launch and are very slow at loading pages.
  3. Desktop PC was freezing & blue screening a lot so you did a fresh install of windows, apart from the OS all you've installed is the latest MB & Video card drivers, AVG & win updates. Prior to doing the reinstall you updated the Bios. It run fine for the first day but now it has come up with blue screen error caused by pacer.sys.

What are causes of pacer.sys errors?

This error can be caused by the corrupted pacer.sys and the related dll files after an update; Pacer.sys issues can also be due to RootKit, which has changed the registry entries.

The error will make QoS Packet Scheduler be unable to mark the outgoing IP packets and the network bandwidth so as to monitor the importance of data packets and allocate bandwidth levels.

Approaches to pacer.sys errors

Run SFC and a virus scan to check whether the pacer.sys is corrupted or not and to see whether there are some viruses. If your system's LAN cards are not configured for QoS Packet Scheduling, you don't have to worry about it.

After doing all of these to no avail, it will be the time for you use DLL TOOL, which is a professional and comprehensive dll error fixer.

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