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How to fix bootcfg.exe errors

June 13, 2014

DLL ToolDownload bootcfg.exe free. DLL Tool fixes and repairs bootcfg.exe application errors for your PC installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

What is bootcfg.exe?

Bootcfg.exe is a Boot Config Tool. As a wrapper, this file is a command used to edit the boot.ini file for operating systems based on Microsoft Windows NT. In cooperation with NTLDR and boot.ini, bootcfg enables multi-boot configuration with previous versions of Windows and supports troubleshooting from within the later operating system, there suitable for booting Windows Vista and later versions of Windows NT.

The boot.ini file is a hidden file used to identify the ways Windows is located, such as settings of folder, partition, and hard drive. On some Windows versions, users will be prompted to modify its booting options with the right command when running bootcfg. The bootcfg command is a Recovery Console command used to build or modify this system file.

In specific, bootcfg will list every entry in the boot list in the boot.ini file; scan all drives for installations of Windows and then display the results; guide you through the process of rebuilding the boot.ini file; set the default boot entry in the boot.ini file; enable the manual entry of a Windows installation in the boot list.

For example, the bootcfg /rebuild command displays the results after scanning all drives during Windows installations, and walk you around building the boot.ini file. The bootcfg command includes fixboot, fixmbr, and diskpart commands which are often used and available with the bootcfg command.

In this article, an efficient solution to fixing all the bootcfg.exe errors will be analyzed and illustrated, and then you will be free of the trouble maintaining your pc to its best status on a daily basis.

What is Bootcfg.exe error?

  1. Bootcfg /rebuild does not work, as the return just keeps saying that there's no Windows installation to be found. Windows still freezes before getting to the Blue "Windows is starting" screen when loading normally. When loading in Safe Mode hangs at the mup.sys driver, eventually moves past to login window however no mouse or keyboard work.
  2. Invalid boot.ini file. Unable to get an interrupt to run the bootcfg exec before it loads windows. I am running windows xp pro.
  3. Error message is Invalid boot.ini file at boot up: windows fails on start up.
  4. Message hal.dll missing or corrupted on boot.
  5. When in Recovery Console, bootcfg /rebuild can't find a Windows installation in order to fix a lost or corrupted Boot.ini file.
  6. No bootcfg command when using XP Recovery Console from iso file.
  7. On trying to use the bootcfg command, a message says that it can't be found.
  8. BSOD with the following code: 0X0000007E, it also said something about insufficient disk space.

What causes Bootcfg.exe error?

Bootcfg.exe errors are caused by misconfigured system files in your windows operating system. This kind of error may be caused by a corrupt file system which would prevent bootcfg from successfully scanning, or it may be caused by windows system files damage. The corrupted Bootcfg.exe file entries could be a high risk to the performance of your operating system.

There can be many possibilities leading to the system files errors, such as an improper reinstallation, an incomplete uninstall, incorrect deletion of files, applications or hardware. Bootcfg.exe error can happen unexpectedly after your antivirus deletes a file infected by a virus or adware/spyware attack or by an improper shutdown of the computer.

Above all, the registry may have been corrupted in one way or another associated with the windows system files. The corrupted registry entries will be popped up as a piece of missing and wrongly linked information, improper working of an application, or various error messages mentioned above. You have to repair then as soon as possible, or your system would be unstable and more troublesome to be recovered back to normal.

How to easily fix Bootcfg.exe error?

Use chkdsk to detect any disk error. Type in the chkdsk command and scan the disk. This operation must complete successfully in order for the Bootcfg rebuild command to be utilized. When you run the utility SFC it finds the files boot.cfg and rasgcw.dll are corrupt and it can not repair them because the copies in the stores are corrupt too.

You may have tried Bootcfg /rebuild but cannot figure out what the recovery console is saying because all the text is displayed unreadable. Now you can download DLL TOOL to scan your system for any corruption related to bootcfg.exe error, including a missing Hall.DLL error message at boot up, 'access is denied' response, inflicted registry entries and the invalid keys of other dll files, NTLDR error and fixed that.

In case of a virus, you may have scanned with Malewarebytes, PC Doctor, or any other antivirus, and have the affected files quarantined and deleted. Then you would be confronted with a missing or corrupted dll file issue. DLL TOOL is ready for you to renew the related registry entries and reinstall the dll files by free download.

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