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How to fix magnification.dll errors

June 20, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads magnification.dll and repair magnification.dll missing or not found error for PCs installed with Microsoft operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

Introduction to magnification.dll

Magnification.dll is a Microsoft Magnification API. The API supports two types of magnifiers, the full-screen magnifier for the content of the entire screen and the magnifier control for the content of a particular area of the screen. This process can be found in the SYSTEM folder and its usual size is 40,448 bytes. This file is part of Windows Operating System.

Magnification.dll displays the content of images and text in a window, enables you to control the amount of magnification and applies color effects to the magnified screen content for the convenience to have color contrast. This is done by a scale transformation to magnify screen content. The magnification is implemented proportionally to suit the practical requirements based on a floating-point value and larger values result in a corresponding amount of magnification.

What are Magnification.dll errors?

  1. Turning off Screen Magnification: Need help turning off screen magnification. You don't know how it even came on so you have no idea how to turn it off.
  2. The small magnification window around the cursor opens as a black screen.
  3. Magnification facility is not working.
  4. Hitting certain keys causes the window to change magnification, other windows to open, the font to turn to italics, and other strange issues.
  5. Getting rid of the horrible magnification in Vista: All of e-mails, windows sidebar are magnified excessively. Everything was normal and all at once everything was huge and magnified.
  6. Using a program and scrolling with the wheel when the page magnification increased with wheel usage and when I clicked elsewhere on the page the magnification stayed way to high.

What are causes of Magnification.dll errors?

1) Virus infection: When you turn on magnification with your mouse button the screen becomes a huge magnification program and you can't even see the Windows Logo to turn it off. You have to log out and start all over again. When you ask for "my computer help" for Magnify the same things happens. You can't access anything to change the setting.

2) Magnification.dll may be having a conflict with another program. Microsoft comfort optical mouse 3000 magnification works great on programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. It does not work very well using the Microsoft browser. When the document scrolls the magnifier is frozen on the initial magnification of the document. The magnifier has to be turned off then turned back on to magnify the new text that appeared when the scroll was applied.

Ways to resolve Magnification.dll issues

Firstly remove the virus with your AV: Malicious program might sneak into your system and cause Magnification.dll without your awareness. Get a powerful anti-virus program to eradicate it from your computer. But one point should be pointed out that Magnification.dll may be quarantined and gets corrupted, therefore, you are recommended to use DLL TOOL to download and reinstall it for free, and recover its registry entries at the same time.

Or scan your pc with DLL TOOL to check for any conflict and perform a fix at once.

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