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How to fix HDAudio.sys errors

June 20, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads HDAudio.sys and repairs HDAudio.sys blue screen of death (BSOD) for PCs installed with Microsoft operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

Introduction to HDAudio.sys

Hdaudio.sys is High Definition Audio Function Driver. This driver file belongs to Microsoft Corporation as part of Operating System. A new specification for integrated audio has been developed to deliver the features and high-end performance of an add-in audio card. Hdaudio.sys is used to implement them on a computer.

Hdaudio.sys supports for playing back more channels at higher quality than previous integrated audio formats and the latest and greatest audio content. These features will change how computer users interact with sound other than listening to only music and movies with stereo sound. Dolby Digital and DTS multi-channel audio formats have made users become accustomed to enjoying DVD movies in full surround sound.

Hdaudio.sys is designed specifically for the high-quality multi-channel listening experiences. With computers being moved into the living room or family room, consumers ask for high quality integrated or add-in computer sound subsystems and the ability to play two different audio streams through their PC at the same time, which fail to be met with previous audio solutions.

Hdaudio.sys is architected to prevent the occasional glitches or pops that other audio solutions can have by means of dedicated system bandwidth for its critical audio functions. This process is able to support all the latest Dolby technologies. Consumers also want the ability to play back two different audio tracks, such as a CD and a DVD simultaneously. The result is high-quality PC-based audio that delivers a seamless convergence of digital entertainment between the PC and consumer electronic devices.

Typical Hdaudio.sys Errors

  1. HDAudio.exe process is found in task manager. There is no description as to what this file does, and when you try to open the file location it points to the temp folder but the file is not there.
  2. Realteck High Definition Audio keeps sending Error: Update for Realteck HDAudio semiconductor corp will not up date.
  3. The error message Error 1920.service HDAudio Lab Service failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.
  4. Error (code 39) in all Serial Port related devices on HP DV-2000 series Laptop.
  5. It seems to be a virus that should not be able to run at start-up and requires removal.

Causes of Hdaudio.sys Errors

This error can be caused by the corrupted Hdaudio.sys and other dll files related to the functionality of Hdaudio.sys. Since Hdaudio.sys is often used especially when you enjoy music or video online, it is possible for this program to be infected.

Also the faulty registry entries can lead to various Hdaudio.sys error messages as mentioned above.

Fixes for Hdaudio.sys Errors

You may perform fresh installs of Windows, with and without the ATI Catalyst Control Center supported by the latest motherboard bios. Disable the HDMI audio on the graphics card to prevent Windows 7 from reloading the HD Audio driver when it boots.

Disable or uninstall the HD Audio driver on the Device Manager. If it always comes back, try DLL TOOL for removing and reinstalling this file. And then update the drivers including Hdaudio.sys.

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