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How to fix devenum.dll errors

June 20, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads devenum.dll and repair devenum.dll missing or not found error for PCs installed with Microsoft operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

About devenum.dll

With description Device enumeration, Devenum.dll is the core module of DirectShow and is used for the waveIn, waveOut, and MIDI devices. This file has a close relationship with Microsoft DirectShow, Windows Media Player, and Windows Movie Maker. Its default path is C: \ Windows \ system32\ devenum.dll and the file version is 6.05.2600.21808.

Devenum.dll is primarily associated with 'Dynamic Link Library' and is a support file used by one or more programs. Devenum.dll allows information on MIDI devices to be shared by more applications at one time, and it is able to return the gathered result information on status and connection of input devices for Microsoft DirectInput application.

With devenum.dll, DirectShow API supports multimedia-related programs and applications based on Microsoft Windows. Users can thus enjoy high-quality videos and audio and implement video capture and audio playbacks. All the available and necessary devices are demonstrated by devenum.dll for DirectShow and checked at the same time. The devenum.dll ensures that these devices satisfy the functions of the API by supplying dynamic information on the devices.

Devenum.dll error messages and symptoms

Mostly you will have File Not Found, Missing File, Exception Errors related to Devenum.dll file; specifically you will come across the following error messages:

  1. C:\windows\system32\devenum.ddl error status 0xc000012f when installing webcam software, skype can't find camera.
  2. Error while trying to start Windows Movie Maker: Windows\system32\devenum.dll is not a valid image
  3. There was a problem starting devenum.dll: the specified module could not be found.
  4. Devenum.dll is either not designed to run on windows.
  5. Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, having a number of problems with the computer involving media playback that all seem to be tied to 'devenum.dll' although the only one that actually mentions it by name is Windows Live Movie Maker when I try to import a video clip.

Why do you have devenum.dll errors?

This type of file could be infected and you should carefully scan a file with this extension when receive it from inbound email or link. Infection with a DLL file like devenum.dll can seriously damage Windows or programs if you attempt to edit or even sometimes take a look inside.

Some devenum.dll errors may sound like either you have a virus affecting your file integrity or another program installs or overwrites over this file, thus corrupting it in such a way that Windows no longer accepts it.

Approaches to resolve devenum.dll issues

So you can try to run a command prompt as administrator, run "sfc /scannow"; Run a virus scanner if the above method fails to solve the issue, then try doing a system restore to an earlier date before this error pops up.

In some cases, you may update your video card drivers and reinstall DirectX. And if it is the corrupted Devenum.dll error, you may try finding a copy of devenum.dll to download and reinstall it. At this moment, DLL TOOL will be quite useful by its free download feature. What is more, this software enables you to repair registry malfunctions as well.

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