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How to fix bcdedit.exe errors

June 20, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads bcdedit.exe and repair bcdedit.exe application error for PCs installed with Microsoft operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

What is bcdedit.exe?

With BCD standing for Boot Configuration Data (BCD), bcdedit.exe is a Boot Configuration Data edit file used to provide a store to describe boot applications and boot application settings. BCDEdit command-line tool manages BCD stores, in which the objects and elements effectively replace Boot.ini. This file can be used create new stores, modify existing stores, add boot menu options, and so on.

Apart from the common features of bootcfg.exe, BCDEdit has two more improvements: a wider range of boot options and improved scripting support. You need to acquire administrative privileges to use BCDEdit to modify BCD. BCDEdit is the primary tool for editing the boot configuration of Windows Vista and later versions of Windows. It is included with the Windows Vista distribution in the system32 folder. BCDEdit is not intended to create specified tools as powerful and flexible as those created by the Windows Management Instrumentation API. It is basically used to realize single common changes to the standard data types of BCD.

BCDEdit.exe shows up a summary of the available commands without any question, including detailed information for a specific command; Establishes a brand new boot configuration data store other than a system store; Exports the contents of the system store into a file used later to restore the state of the system store, which is valid only for the system store; Restores the state of the system store and empties the system store prior to embarking on the import; Specify the store to be used together with most BCDedit commands.

Common signs of BCDedit.exe errors

  1. BCDedit - The system cannot find the file specified.
  2. Bcdedit is not compatible with the version of windows you're running.
  3. Failure to set bcdedit.exe nx to AlwaysOn and the computer won't start.
  4. The error message "The boot configuration data store could not be opened. Access is denied."
  5. Trying to use BCDEDIT to delete the windows old folder completely but it's not working.
  6. "The boot configuration data store could not be opened. The system cannot find the file specified."
  7. Getting an error when trying to run the export extension of BCDedit: The requested system device cannot be found.
  8. Bcdedit.exe file is missing: Bcdedit.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
  9. The boot configuration data store cannot be opened, the file was not found. Please note that this is to fix the 0xc000000e problem.
  10. Trying to enter the bcdedit command to allow more than 3 GB of memory to be used, but the system does not recognize the bcdedit command.

Why do I get BCDedit.exe errors?

With the Boot.INI file being eliminated, additional issues occur when Windows boot menu has been corrupted. The situation is that both of the MBR and boot loaders are fine. The problem is with the Boot Menu itself. BCDEdit refuses to load the store, complaining about its corruption. When you invoke "bcdedit /export filename" in two subsequent invocations with two different filenames, and without modifying the BCD store between the two invocations, the contents of the two files are not identical.

The BCD Store may be used as the system store to boot the operating system. Provided that system store is in use, and then this will be the default store on which all bcdedit commands are carried out. The /store switch must be used to specify a store other than the system store and no system store is ready for being used.

Solutions to BCDedit.exe errors

It is specifically recommended using the /store switch with the administrative rights whenever modifying a BCD store to reduce the risk of targeting the wrong store. To specify the BCD store D:\ Boot\ BCD we would use the corresponding command via administrative privileges. And it would a great decision to run DLL TOOL to repair the invalid registry entries and fix the related dll error.

Before modifying a BCD, you are supposed to create a local username and a backup. Be aware that modifying a BCD store could result in failure to boot your system, so you would like to create a BOOTMGR bootable Floppy with your current working BCD store copied to it under the full administrative privileges. Excluding the devices set as BOOT, BCD entries contain disk signature and partition offset information, which allows BCD for booting the BCD store from another device at the target of the correct device.

Also burn a Windows bootable disk and use this to replace a faulty BCD store with the backup you made earlier. If you do not have access to Windows, yon can try to use many other third party distributions to change the settings. On the way to the System Recovery Options, you will be asked to log on and only be given your own local username to choose from.

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