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How to fix dwm.exe errors

June 20, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads dwm.exe and repair dwm.exe application error for PCs installed with Microsoft operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

What is dwm.exe?

Dwm.exe is the Desktop Window Manager (DWM) as a new feature included in Windows Vista/7. It was originally designed to support portions of the new "Windows Aero" user experience for transparency, 3D window switching and so on. This process is also available for Windows Server 2008 under the condition that the "Desktop Experience" feature and compatible graphics drivers are installed. Its purpose is to produce the graphical effects such as live window previews and a glass-like frame around windows, without hogging too much of CPU.

Dwm.exe enables graphics card to display the 3D effects and Aero Glass. This file gives you the option to switching to Classic Mode, or reducing your screen resolution so as to increase your computer's performance. New feature in dwm.exe fundamentally changed the way applications display pixels on the screen. When this desktop manager is enabled, individual windows are redirected to off-screen surfaces in video memory instead of drawing directly to the screen or primary display device as before. This way, their drawing are then rendered into a desktop image and presented on the display.

Through DWM combined feature, yon can enjoy visual effects on the desktop as well as various features such as glass window frames, 3-D window transition animations, Windows Flip and Windows Flip3D, and high resolution support. Run as a Windows service, Dwm.exe be enabled and disabled by the Administrator using Tools Control Panel and it functions like a Desktop Window Manager Session Manager. You can control or access the DWM features by an application through the DWM APIs.

As a part of fast searching program, the dwm.exe file assists windows in organizing and categorizing files and programs. It is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32 by default.

Common signs of dwm.exe errors

  1. In order to run windows 7 games such as solitaire or hearts, you have to stop DWM.EXE to prevent screen flicker and flashes. Flickers are at regular 1 second intervals.
  2. Since updating you windows from vista to windows 7 you have dwm.exe application error (0xc0000006).
  3. In the Window FX Configuration Page there's a note that appears on Middle-Right part of the page that says "Desktop Window Manger (DWM) does not appear to be enabled."
  4. Desktop Window Manger (DWM) Enabled/Started but NOT WORKING.
  5. Frequently getting desktop window manager message box.
  6. DWM Notification, GDI+Window tabs that won't go away.
  7. Windows 7 freezes on DWM-Desktop Window Manager.
  8. Dwm.exe Recurrently crashes, with no error message.
  9. Dwm using 1 core 100% when screen is locked.
  10. DWM high CPU use while idle.
  11. DWM does not work.

Why do I have dwm.exe error?

Dwm.exe crashes the system if the machine is running out of memory and it may crash after returning from sleep issue. This problem happens after upgrading her graphics driver to the latest ATI drivers.

Dwm.exe stops a lot and sometimes you get no error message only that your machine disconnects from wireless network. This seems not to be triggered by any specific program or event, and will happen at any time. There is a problem where dwm.dll uses 100% of CPU while the system is idle and has automatically turned off the display. It may happen when Logitech Setpoint is running, or it may links to Outlook and other software.

Dwm.exe is responsible for a lot of the rendering to the screen; its error will cause many programs to crash randomly. Whatever this software are doing that is possibly wrong, this is a Windows component using up the CPU and this is not acceptable behavior for any component and Microsoft should fix this. This has quite a big impact in power use, and is quite problematic and deserves immediate attention.

It can be a Trojan. Same name is used by Trojan/downloader Deewomz. Most AV will NOT detect it, but DLL TOOL will detect it if it is spyware. The important thing is to check that this file stays in the correct folder. Look to see if you have C:\Documents and Settings \Local Settings \temp \dwm.exe and C:\Documents and Settings\ Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\shell.exe on your computer. If you do, you are infected.

How to remove dwm.exe errors?

All the system driver files are kept up to date with Windows Update. Upgrade M2A board to an M4A78L-M with integrated AMD 760G graphics. Then try an NVIDIA 6600 video card in place of the integrated graphic.

From the shell, the remote machine seems to be working completely normally. Stop the DWM service and change the Startup setting from AUTOMATIC to DSIABLED. Then go back to Services and go to DWM Properties, change back the Startup settings from DISABLED to AUTOMATIC, and start the service.

You can disable a lot of the processes that the DWM file is using. Uncheck the proxy box in IE. Then run DLL TOOL to scan your system for any dll errors and perform an auto fix.

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