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How to fix mount.exe errors

June 20, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads mount.exe and repair mount.exe application error for PCs installed with Microsoft operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

What is mount.exe?

The mount.exe is not a Microsoft Windows product, and it is part of GiPo@FileUtilities by Gibin Software House. Mount.exe is the registered run identifier, and its location is 'C: \Program Files\GiPo@Utilities\FileUtilities.3\mount.exe. The execution command of this file in Windows registry is the HKCU\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ Current Version\ Run, which are used to get itself launched automatically at the boot up of Windows.

Gibin Software House consists of three series of software products as follows:

1) JIT Scheduler: it is a kind of Task scheduler for Windows. The scheduler enables you to configure and schedule automated tasks on your computer and it provides an easy way to create and launch tasks at specified time / day. JIT Scheduler supports tasks of Application, Document, Shut down and Message and all of them can be launched in a periodical way. JIT Scheduler can be integrated into shell as a security isolation model, of which tasks performed for different users are started in separate sessions.

2) A set of Windows utilities. These utilities allow easy access for you make use of different databases and data sources compatible with OLE DB and ODBC, and many other databases. They make your data search convenient and fruitful.

3) A set of service utilities. These utilities provide services of copying, moving, renaming, deleting files and folders on the next system boot; monitoring changes in the file system; local folders substitution; local/ remote drives mounting; UNIX-like hard links for NTFS creation; checking files and folders for read errors. With being integrated into shell, these utilities can provide file/ folder property pages and additional menu items.

Typical symptoms of mount.exe errors

  1. Unable to mount .iso files from the internet.
  2. "You don't have permission to mount the file." But it still mounts.
  3. Mount button in the windows explorer doesn't work: If right click the file and select mount, the image is mounted correctly.
  4. Error title "Couldn't Mount File" and the details say "Sorry, there was a problem mounting the file."
  5. Unable to mount Western Digital 1TB drive USB error "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems."
  6. Mount is trying to access physical memory: The current security setting for mount does not permit this action, or ZoneAlarm Security Suite is asking you whether to allow this behavior. Your computer is safe.
  7. Win7 very long (1-3 minutes) USB thumb drive mount process: The service WUDFHOST.EXE pops up on the problem systems to just below System Idle Process but never shows more than 0 % CPU.
  8. Optical drive doesn't mount disks: If it's a movie DVD, Media Player doesn't launch automatically. If you launch Media Player, it shows as "not responding." When quitting Media Player, you get a message saying Windows will check for a problem solution, but then the window vanishes without displaying a result, even though you have a live internet connection.

What are causes of mount.exe errors?

When you get 'a problem mounting the file' or 'corrupted disc image file' while mounting ISO image using the Windows 8 Disc Image Tools, and when you copy the file and paste it again you can mount the copied version but not the original. That is to say, the original linkage of mount.exe is corrupted in the registry.

In many cases removal of memory card from the system seems to be associated with the mount.exe error, this happens even with a reformatted reinstall of operating system and NO third party applications involved, as well as with a complete operating system reinstall on another unchanged partition.

Or mount.exe may be the disguise of malicious software when this file is trying to take a physical memory. It may be attempting to disturb other programs or endanger the system. Programs are not supposed to access physical memory.

Solutions to mount.exe errors

If it works but just gives the error, usually it is not suggested to remove other things from the OpenWithProgIds key for .iso and substitute windows explorer.exe.

It is proved that some application updates return the error message condition when it was gone, and conversely that sometimes the error can be resolved by a reboot into the safe mode on windows 8 or 8.1, or copying the .ISO from its original location to the desktop. We hope that there are official fixes for this issue, such as a registry and later an update fix.

If you really need mount.exe to access physical memory to successfully mount your program, and you know this file is secure, then double click "allow". But scan this file before doing so, and it would be better to check your whole system for malware.

When mount.exe file is corrupted and needs to reinstalled, you can count on DLL TOOL to carry out a free download and clean up the related registry keys for sure.

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