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How to fix wmp.dll errors

June 20, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads wmp.dll and repair wmp.dll missing or not found error for PCs installed with Microsoft operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

What is wmp.dll?

As a computer user, you must have been very familiar with Windows Media Player (abbreviated WMP). You use it to enjoy music and video while working or in the living room. But you have possibly never heard of wmp.dll unless you suffer from a problem with WMP. Actually, wmp.dll is a module associated with WMP from Microsoft Corporation. Wmp.dll is a media library application used for playing audio, video and viewing images on personal computers based on Windows operating system, as well as on Pocket PC and Windows Mobile-based devices.

There were editions of WMP for Mac and Solaris but not WMP is being developed monopoly by and for Microsoft Corporation. In addition to providing features for a media player, wmp.dll also helps WMP burn music from and copy music to CD. On the basis of Media Player, Windows Media Player adds features beyond simple video or audio playback. The default file formats are Windows Media Video, Windows Media Audio, and Advanced Systems Format. The player has taken into account of a digital copyrights management service in the form of Windows Media DRM.

The most recent version of WMP 12 was released on July 22, 2009 along with Windows 7. The functions of wmp.dll can be shared to other networked players and media devices by using the UPnP architecture for Windows Media Player. This kind of this service is preinstalled on all versions of Windows 7, and there are two types of startup: Automatic on Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional and Manual on all other versions of Windows 7. When started in its default configuration it logs on using the Network Service account.

WMP is highly integration with Windows Media Center. WMP has the hot keys you want and is more "drag-drop-able" and manages playlists better and you make new playlists on WMP and Zune will automatically import them. But sometimes, almost all your music is ripped in a variety of formats, which will not work with WMP. For example, you have tried switching to the iTunes Plus codec, as some purchased songs on iTunes show up in WMP, and they are iTunes plus. However, the files now show in WMP, but under Other Media.

What are wmp.dll errors?

  1. WMP won't play wav files: C00D11B1 error.
  2. WMP 12 command line parameters are ignored.
  3. WMP 12 corrupted dll''s (wmp.dll etc) corrupted WMP folder.
  4. Windows Media Player 12 - Reloads library every time you open WMP.
  5. WMP not playing music in right order- WMP seems to choose the items at random.
  6. WMP can't play AAC files: This is a real pain that album and other metadata won't show up. They are listed as 'm4a' type.
  7. Music syncd to the USB drive will not play in WMP 12 directly: It is like the songs are there but not accessible by WMP12.
  8. WMP 12 on Win 7 shows script error line: 240 Char: 25 Error: The value of the property 'btnFinish_onclick' is null or undefined, not a function object.
  9. Shuffled tracks from a playlist in WMP with crossfading activated, crossfading works fine then stops functioning on one song at random, and then reactivates itself for the next few songs.
  10. The error in WMP when trying to play a network file is: "WMP cannot find the file. If you're trying to play, burn or sync an item...the item might point to a file that has been moved, renamed or deleted."
  11. Samsun I780 won't play alarms; wmp is not running also the phone doesn't ring when receiving a call. When you try to edit any alarm there an error message occurs "This ring tone file is corrupted or unavailable. Please choose a different ring tone.''

What are the causes of wmp.dll errors?

It can be due to high cpu usage by mpnetwk.exe, corrupted WMP database, security component upgrade, a problem with the WMP settings, crossfading problem in Windows Media Player Windows 7, an old cache of the WMP log being stored somewhere on the PC, Windows Media Player not saving library data and the corrupted registry entries.

The problem is caused by reinstalling Win7 following a processor upgrade, but not by long periods of silence at the end of some music files. There is no data in your library until it scans the harddrive for files. The system simply doesn't save any information as it is clear from the blue progress bar in WMP that the next song is not starting until the previous one has fully completed and that crossfading didn't work at the end of that particular song. When it populates with information, it lists two copies of every song.

WMP virus infection: A virus may have been picked in Media Center audio files so that Patsy Cline pops up and WMP has a mind of its own and is out of control. Wmp.dll is associated with Media Center for proper working. The inflicted Media Center will certainly have some bad effect on this file.

How to fix wmp.dll errors?

At first you can try to change the file location, only having WMP search for certain folders and a few other things, such as disabling and enabling media streaming, for instance. All of the files are stored within Windows installation HD and another HD in the same machine.

In case that you have folders in you music libraries that contain mp4 files, you may try lots of different settings to get WMP to find them automatically. If this is not successful, try to drag and drop them from a file folder into WMP, and you get the "Add to Library" message at the cursor while dragging. If it doesn't work, uninstall /reinstall WMP.dll, run DLL TOOL to download re-register it, reconfigure it properly.

For an easy and overall solution, it is suggested to run DLL TOOL, because this program is able to auto check and fix any errors relative to wmp.dll issue, such as mpnetwk.exe high CPU usage, virus infection and damaged registry entries. With it, you can fix a dll error in minutes!

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