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How to fix fs_rec.sys errors

June 23, 2014

DLL ToolDLL Tool downloads fs_rec.sys and repairs fs_rec.sys blue screen of death BSOD for PCs installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows 8 and Windows 7.

What is fs_rec.sys?

Fs_rec.sys is a file system recognizer driver file. This file is meant for the convenience of loading a real file system driver to see that there is no partition. It is an integral part of the driver architecture. After being load, this driver starts to check readable partitions by its companion IFS for file systems. If such a partition is found, its companion IFS is loaded to mount it.

Do I need to implement a file system recognizer? This is a regular question asked about our file systems class. It is necessary to clarify the very purpose of a file system recognizer in the aspects of what, why and how. Fs_rec.sys is a standard Windows NT kernel mode device driver for a single simple task – it monitors physical media devices and loads the full file system driver upon the recognition of the media format.

Why is fs_rec.sys file loaded instead of the entire file system? As matter of fact, the full file system driver is rarely called for the system, using a little driver can free up a large amount of precious system memory. Actually, fs_rec.sys is bundled with the standard Windows NT for all of physical media file systems. A file system recognizer examines a signature on the disk to know a specific file system is present. This signature might include information within the partition table, a unique value, the serial number or whatever other clever mechanism, which are sufficiently different between file systems so there is no possibility of a drive being incorrectly claimed by the wrong file system driver.

What are common signs of fs_rec.sys errors?

  1. Windows/system32/drivers/fs_rec.sys.
  2. Windows 7 bsod on fs_rec.sys when installing virtual pc additions.
  3. Windows 7 SP1 installs on my machine, but after updating and restarting it fails to boot: System repair doesn't work, even from the installation CD. It says the root cause is fs_rec.sys is.
  4. Your computer was unable to start. Startup repair is checking your system for problems thing. When it finished it said Windows cannot repair this computer automatically. Root cause was: Boot critical file d:\windows\system32\drivers\fs_rec.sys is corrupt.

What are causes of fs_rec.sys errors?

When fs_rec.sys and/or other system driver files are outdated or corrupted, compatibility problems can be caused and would lead to fs_rec.sys errors and many other computer problems. This also leads to system loophole to introduce virus and malware into the system easily.

Solutions to fs_rec.sys errors

The most important thing is to keep your computer components like system files, applications, device drivers up-to-date by installing the latest Windows update, patches and drivers, etc.

Doing a system restore may create other errors. Firstly, reboot your machine in safe mode and run SFC scannow because fs_rec.sys is system file and this approach is specially designed to troubleshoot a corrupted system file.

DLL TOOL allows for free download of system files including fs_rec.sys driver and enables you to remove the infection by cleaning up the related registry entries. A wonderful repair tool!

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