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How to fix appinfo.dll errors

June 25, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads and repairs appinfo.dll for computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Basics of appinfo.dll

The full name of appinfo.dll is an Application Information Service developed by Microsoft Corporation. This file belongs to Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. Appinfo.dll is a hidden system file. It is located in the %SYSTEM% folder by default and its usual size is 40,960 bytes.

The Appinfo (Application Information service) allows administrators to run interactive applications under additional privileges. When you disable appinfo.dll file, you will be unable to invoke applications to perform some special user tasks with the extra administrative privileges, such as Services and Regedit. Your machine must be booted up in Safe Mode to enable Appinfo after it has been disabled, and then you are allowed to get access to the Services snap-in console.

There are many Services that are built in the operating system and started automatically by default. Appinfo.dll, on the other hand, is started manually by default and by applications that request additional privileges. Upon startup, it operates under the Local System account by default. The appinfo.dll is a kind of shared libraries among processes or applications calling the same function from this file.

What are the common signs of appinfo.dll errors?

The User option in PC Settings is completely not found together with Windows Update. In the secpol.msc, instead of text you get options like @appinfo.dll,-200 and @wsecedit.dll,-59001 under Local Policies, then Security Options. Some options are missing in the sections User Account Control and Accounts.

Or in another case, you have a strange problem on Windows 8. When UAC is enabled you are unable to use any action from Control Panel - User Accounts and Family Safety that requires elevation. On top of that the Group Policy editor does not show the proper Security Options names.

When trying to edit such an option, the Explain tab will show a proper explanation, however the Security Settings tab is empty.

Why do I have appinfo.dll errors?

This error occurs when there is no proper configuration of additional administrative privileges for AppInfo to be applied into svchost.exe to support for Facilitates the running of interactive applications. And you would be unable to invoke applications to carry out a special task. And you need some utilities for help. Although these utilities, such as regedit are safe to be stopped, this is not recommended since you have to enter into safe mode to enable them again.

This error is mostly results from virus infection when you browse some unsafe web pages or system and registry junk files piled up over the operation of your computer.

Solution to fixing appinfo.dll errors

Put it simply; just download DLL TOOL to scan your pc for virus infection and registry cleaning, as this software combined the its proven dll error fixing features with the repair techniques of registry cleaning. In this way, the troublesome dll error can be fixed perfectly!

DLL TOOL is able to download any corrupted dll file for free, have it installed under the prompt of installation Wizard in a few minutes!

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