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How to fix mfc42u.dll errors

June 25, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads and repairs mfc42u.dll for computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows XP.

What is mfc42u.dll?

The mfc42u.dll with description Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Library is a platform for application programming in Microsoft Windows. This file is compiled in C++ and contains much of the code required for the management of windows, menus, and dialog boxes. It also helps perform basic input/output; store collections of data objects, etc. All you need to do is add you're the customized application code can be directly added to this platform.

In consideration of the nature of C++ class programming, you will have no difficulty in enlarging or overriding the basic features that the MFC platform provides. The mfc42u.dll file is an excellent way to build upon the effort of high level programmers for Windows. It reduces the period of development; supports code for more mobility. With the presence of mfc42u.dll, you can easily access "hard to program" user-interface elements and technologies, such as Active technology, OLE, and Internet programming. MFC facilitates feature programming like property sheets print preview, and floating, customizable toolbars.

Dynamic link of your software to the MFC library requires redistribution of Msvcr100.dll, and Mfc100u.dll or Mfc100.dll. Static link of your software to the MFC requires redistribution of Mfc100u.dll or Mfc100.dll. Even though static linking may be useful for testing and internal setting of applications, it is not suggested to use it to redistribute MFC. If your application uses the MFC classes that implement the WebBrowser control, we recommend that you also install the most current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer so that the target computer will have the most current common control files.

What are mfc42u.dll errors?

  1. LLC:\windows\system32\MFC42u.DLL is missing.
  2. Error message when you try to open msconfig saying you need to install MFC42u.dll.
  3. Blocked from Device Manager. The message is: ordinal 4506 could not be found in MFC42u.dll
  4. This application has failed to start because MFC42u.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem.
  5. Error: Microsoft Management Console has encountered a problem and needs to close. When check the more information it shows some mfc42u.dll error.
  6. C:\windows\system32\MFC42u.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error, opening MSCONFIG, MMC or paint.

Why do you have mfc42u.dll errors?

This error means that mfc42u.dll is damaged or corrupted, or other related dll files get faulty, such as Rundll32.exe, PCMservice.exe, keyhook.exe and sistray.exe.

It may be a rootkit infection. For example, when you are trying to run Device Manager, you get "ordinal 4506 could not be found in mfc42u.dll." Any attempt to get into Administrative Tools also gets this response. "Mfc42u.dll " is present in the system folder; some variation of this file is in about two dozen different folders!

Ways to fix mfc42u.dll error

At first, replace mfc42u.dll file and /or other related dll files. You can do a free download and reinstall by means of DLL TOOL so as avoid the possible security risk while downloading another mfc42u.dll file from the internet.

Furthermore, this repair tool is also able to auto check and repair any dll issue and registry problem, recover the inflicted entries and protect your system against malware attack!

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