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How to fix msdtc.exe errors

June 25, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads and repairs msdtc.exe for computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

What is msdtc.exe?

Described as Distributed Transaction Coordinator, msdtc.exe is used to manage different sources of data present in one transaction within client applications and moderate them across all the servers related to the transaction. The msdtc.exe file functions as the launcher program for the application known as the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC).

The msdtc.exe file implements MSDTC in the control of communications across several servers. It can be set up and managed easily after being installed by Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Personal Web Server. This file is available for development of new applications and simplifies application tasks by maintaining consistency regardless of errors that can take place during application data updating.

It is not necessary to run the msdtc.exe file at start-up and cannot be deleted using the Add or Remove Programs. Program applications can correctly update data existing in at least two resource managers such as Microsoft Message Queuing or Microsoft SQL Server; dependably update data existing in at least one resource manager. Transactions can be accomplished with several transaction managers under the Transaction Internet Protocol (TIP). Msdtc.exe file process can be reinstalled under the condition that an earlier version of the operating system is used.

What are common signs of msdtc.exe errors?

  1. Windows services are all corrupted. MSDTC won't stay running and others. Your event log is approaching critical mass.
  2. Need to know how to restart MSDTC - Distributed Transaction Manager for network access in Security Configuration.
  3. The transaction has already been committed or aborted with MSDTC in Windows Vista.
  4. Need to activate msdtc on your sql server 2005 express edition running on windows vista.
  5. MSDTC set to manual and starts possibly causing disk errors.

What are causes of msdtc.exe errors?

The MSDTC service cannot start because its contact identifiers are either missing, inaccessible, or corrupt. Running 'msdtc -uninstall' and then 'msdtc -install' from the command prompt will fix the problem. Note: Running 'msdtc -uninstall' will result in the system losing all MSDTC configuration information.

Some of users may think that Microsoft uses msdtc.exe to spy on you, so that they can sell your info to interested parties. As this is a legitimate executable that comes with many Microsoft products and is therefore installed on many systems, it is possible for virus writers and spyware vendors to disguise their malware as the genuine one. Normally harmless, but other malware might use it if you're infected. But it is by itself harmless. There appears to be some sort of spy/adware that uses this exe as its medium.

How to remove msdtc.exe errors?

It is advisable to check the directory of the file named msdtc.exe running on your machine. If it is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder and has not been exactly spelled, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, and Trojan or worm infection!

Then use your AV to scan your pc and remove the inflicted msdtc.exe file. After that, reinstall the msdtc.exe from a free download website. Or simply enough, directly apply DLL TOOL to clean the infection, download and reinstall this file for free.

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