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How to fix wininet.dll errors

June 25, 2014

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads and repairs wininet.dll for computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

What is wininet.dll?

Wininet.dll is the Internet Extensions for Win32. This file includes Internet-related functions used by Windows applications. As a dynamic link library, the wininet.dll contains many functions to be shared by various applications. If you run anti-spyware program from Microsoft, the wininet.dll will be found in your startup list, as one of its functions may be called during bootup time.

The WinInet helps you in incorporating the Internet into any application. Wininet.dll contains some new functions to make it simple to access the Internet by means of HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and gopher. An Internet client application is a program that accesses information from a network data source using Internet protocols such as gopher, FTP, or HTTP. An Internet client application might access a server to retrieve data, such as weather maps, stock prices, or newspaper headlines, for example. The Internet client can access the server through an external network or an internal network (an intranet).

Wininet.dll file is located in the Sytem32 folder and it has the internet critical system files on your computer. As part of MFC, the WinInet.dll file facilitates creating an Internet client application that is enclosed in a set of standard, easy-to-use classes. A WinInet client application can be compiled by applying the Win32 functions or by loading the MFC WinInet classes. You need to be reminded of the fact that many tasks will have similar names to existing tasks or processes. It is a good habit of checking the running tasks on your computer by pressing ctrl-alt-del to see the windows "task manager", and then have a look at the "processes" tab. You will find all tasks running or currently active on your PC.

Be careful that wininet.dll is likely imitated by the Troj/Zlob-AO Trojan under the true process name of %systemroot%\mscornet.exe. This Trojan disguises itself as a required video codec in the form of ActiveX. Once installed, the Troj/Zlob-AO Trojan is able to show you similar Windows warning, telling that your machine has gotten spyware. If you clicked on the popup, you will be invited to install a Trojan horse that causes some issues on your pc. One typical symptom is random computer shutdowns or reboots with random comments.

What are common signs of wininet.dll errors?

  1. After a system restore, your computer says it can't start and try to reinstall WININET.dll.
  2. Explorer.exe class not registered, Errors in windows urlmon.dll, wininet.dll and advrcntr3.dll not found.
  3. Get loader error when installing: The procedure entry point HttpQueryInfoA could not be located in the dynamic link library wininet.dll.
  4. SynTPEnH.exe - System error: The program can't start because WININET.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
  5. Error message on startup- Version of internet API on operating system (Wininet.dll) is 10.0.9200.16576 is older than required by infotriever.
  6. OS: Windows7 home Basic.Problems: skype, ccleaner, defragger, internet explorer not working with error message: procedure entry point couldn't be located in wininet.dll. Solution requested.
  7. Msseces.exe displays error at startup that says it can't run because wininet.dll is missing from my PC doesn't appear to affect much other than Microsoft Security Essentials, except MSIE 8 64-bit won't connect to the internet, while MSIE 8 32-bit will.
  8. Getting an error when you open yahoo messenger. This is an error signature: AppName: yahoomessenger.exe. AppVer: ModName: wininet.dll ModVer: 6.0.2900.2180 Offset: 000297f6.
  9. Upon booting you receive an error stating that wininet.dll is missing. When you attempt to run any repair software to fix this error you then receive the error that urlmon.dll is missing. When you run repair software for the urlmon.dll then once again I receive that the software cannot run as the wininet.dll file is missing.

Why do I have wininet.dll errors?

Wininet.dll error messages occur because of damaged cache files, a corrupt setting of Internet Explorer, or damaged reference files; and it can be due to malware infection and corrupted registry keys.

Although the task manager shows you all running tasks, it does not show any loaded dll file, because all the dll files are dynamically loaded as part of other programs/ applications. This is the chance for Trojan writers to hide their files on your computer. Wininet.dll is one of the favorite targets for them, and this file would be intentionally misspelled to look like a similar task, so that you cannot easily recognize the name in your task list.

Malware infection can occur when something like funmoods was installed on your computer & made itself your home page for all your internet browsers, and you would be never able to delete it through control panel. All the windows could start popping up saying that things couldn't open because WININET.dll was missing. Meanwhile, you possibly noticed that your shockwave plugin went missing too; you can't download any files. It'll download until the very end then say "download failed-blocked". Internet explorer completely disappeared. You can't open games & stuff on your computer. Your computer tried to install updates but again when it got to the last update it said it failed because of error c0000135. You can't open your antivirus scanner either.

How to fix wininet.dll errors?

Repairing the wininet.dll issue is urgent. Make sure always check the location of the file if you are concerned. You can always find the location of wininet.dll on your computer by using your Windows search options, but DLL TOOL is also able to check the file location of every system file on your computer, so you can verify the correct location with the help of this dll fixer.

The solutions to the wininet.dll errors you choose should be direct, and immediately improve the performance of the program using wininet.dll files. You can try running Internet Explorer 9 without Add-ons; Using software accelerated than Gpu accelerated; Running the 64-bit version. You can try downloading a WININET.dll file from a website (although it could be scary) to its default directory.

All these can be done with the help of DLL TOOL and the registry issue can be repaired at the same time!

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