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How to fix Defrag.exe errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads Defrag.exe and repairs Defrag.exe application errors for PCs installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

What is Defrag.exe?

Defrag.exe is the executable of Windows Disk Defragmenter. This process is used to defragment disks and rearrange the data on them, enabling your machine to access it faster and increase the performance of your system on the whole. By default, the icon of this file is found under the Programs menu. If the icon has been deleted by mistake, it can be restored to its default location at any time.

Defrag.exe is described as McDefragTask.job developed by Microsoft Corp. and Executive Software International, Inc. This Disk Defragmenter (defragsvc) service is enabled and disenabled under the control of svchost.exe when the task is scheduled and is not started when the machine starts. Normally it is registered using the Local System account. Disk defrag.exe is referred to JkDefrag, it is also created by Microsoft Company.

Up to now, many different instances of defrag.exe file have been found in different location. The file itself is safe and powerful. It is dependent of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service, DCOM Server Process Launcher and RPC Endpoint Mapper.

What are common signs of defrag.exe errors?

  1. Windows Vista defrag progress: You ran defrag for 8 hours it is frustrating being unable to monitor progress at how much has been accomplished.
  2. Scheduled disk defrag not happening - Windows 7 Home Premium version: There is no any error message, it just doesn't run at all!
  3. Defrag hangs in windows 7: Tried doing a disk check first, but that didn't help. And defrag wouldn't start in safe mode.
  4. Defrag problems - Defrag stops suddenly stating that some files on this volume could not be defragmented.
  5. When trying to defrag the RAM, it always stays at 6% no matter how many times you run "defrag". This started to happen after closing windows event log and even capture from msconfig.

What are causes of defrag.exe errors?

The defrag.exe error will be the consequence of a corrupted defrag.exe file or improper configuration. Disk Defrag cannot open a file (system32\ dfrg.msc) to run at c:\WINDOWS\ system32\ dfrg.msc. This file either does not exist, is not a MMC console, or was created by a later version of MMC. It cannot get defrag to work. Running SFC/ scannow comes up with "Windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. Files are included in the CBS.log windir\logs\CBS\CBS.log'.

Solutions to resolving defrag.exe errors

You can try the disk defrag from running the command prompt as was suggested to others with this problem, or use Win7's defrag tool, access it by right clicking on C drive, select PROPERTIES, then TOOLS tab and defragment now to bring up the Disk Defragmentor dialog box.

Be sure to turn off antivirus after scanning and virus removal, then run DLL TOOL to check your system files for updates or corruption. Meanwhile this software will repair any related registry issues shown in the scan result. Use it to download and reinstall a corrupted defrag.exe file for free as well as clean up the registry.

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