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How to fix irda.sys errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads irda.sys and repairs irda.sys blue screen of death BSOD for PCs installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

What is irda.sys?

As an IRDA Protocol Driver, irda.sys process is used by Microsoft Windows to execute infrared device connectivity functionalities and incorporate infrared device compatibility support into the system. This utility is usually configured as an integral part of the Windows IRDA Protocol Driver module, which is an applet built into commonly used versions of Microsoft Windows. IrDA is short for Infrared Data Association.

The irda.sys file is preinstalled with the Windows system and configured with its special functions, and then enclosed into the installer distributions of various Microsoft Windows OS versions. The irda.sys file runs together with some executable application resources, certain DLL process, certain SYS driver files, specific background and system process items among other components that are applied and referenced by Microsoft Windows whenever it is called to execute infrared device connectivity functionalities and infrared device compatibility support into the system.

IrDA has specified a group of short-range, high speed, bidirectional wireless infrared protocols for many different types of modern digital devices to interact with each other. The IrDA protocol stack is available via NDIS wireless drivers.

What are common signs of irda.sys error messages?

  1. IrDA dongle not working: You are trying to connect Palm Z22 PDA with your computer. Palm does not have drivers that support 64 bit, so you cannot sync with a USB cable. Apparently the only way to sync with your pc is via IrDA, since the Palm Z22 does not have bluetooth.
  2. IrDA driver for Windows 7 on Acer Notebook to be able to down load data from UWATEC Aladin Prime Dive Computer
  3. Serial Cable using IrDA Protocol is not working properly: Problem with IrDA driver. System shows "INTEL 82801 FBM controller LPC-interface 2641" driver was NOT installed. IR port does not work.
  4. Polar IrDA USB 2.0 and Blue Screen of Death: After spending much time with Polar they have concluded that your Vista drivers are not correct for this USB device. When you plug the device in nothing happens vs. when you plug in a wireless mouse USB, the plug and play recognizes it immediately.

Why do you have irda.sys error messages?

If Irda.sys appears strange, you may scan your system for malware. It the scan result is clean, and you are still having irda.sys error messages it is probable that your Irda.sys file is corrupted, removed, and transferred to a different location. DLL TOOL resolves irda.sys related issues.

Irda.sys bsod is usually caused by virus /Trojan, especially when the "writer" of Irda.sys is "Unknown". This error should be dealt with seriously.

The best solution to solving irda.sys errors

So you can run your antivirus software at first and try to remove any infection, and then use DLL TOOL to repair the affected registry entries so that there is no leftover left by the malware.

Then use DLL TOOL to clean the registry and download irda.sys and other dll files for free. This software is also useful when it comes the problems of high cpu /memory usage or dll file missing.

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