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How to fix Mahjong.exe errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads Mahjong.exe and repairs Mahjong.exe application errors for PCs installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

Basics of Mahjong.exe

Mahjong.exe is the executable of game Mahjong Titans or Microsoft Mahjong which is formerly knows as Mahjong Titans and Taipei. It is a computer game version of mahjong solitaire developed by Microsoft. The version of Mahjong Titans was created by Oberon Games and preinstalled with Windows Vista and Windows 7. This game makes best use of the new graphical user interface (GUI) of Windows Vista, and provides features such as tile set and background choices.

Mahjong.exe game is called Shanghai Solitaire in Windows Vista build 5219. The game was not available for Windows 8. Nevertheless, you can download a standalone version of this game, which was developed by Arkadium and published by Microsoft Studios, from the Windows Store for free. An earlier version of the game was named as Taipei and was built in Microsoft Entertainment Pack 1 and Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack. That version provided tens of thousands of possible configurations.

Typical symptoms of Mahjong.exe errors

  1. When using either of the Microsoft Mahjong and Microsoft Solitaire Collection game apps they will sometimes quit back to the Start Menu without warning.
  2. Chronic Problem - Mahjong Titans Wont Start: For several days when you try to start Mahjong Titans from Win 7's Games all you get is a brief hour glass and then nothing.
  3. Upgraded your pc from vista to Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. When playing mahjong.exe game you always get the following alert from Norton 360 v5: High CPU usage by Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation, c:\windows\system32\audiodg.exe.
  4. When you tried to start it through Start\ Games\ Mahjong Titans, you got the little hour glass for a split second and then nothing -- no titans. The same thing when you tried to start it via \Program files\ Microsoft Games\ Mahjong\ Mahjong.exe.

Why do you have Mahjong.exe errors?

When you encounter a Mahjong.exe problem, Mahjong Titans may only run from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Mahjong, and on exit, Mahjong.exe stops working. Mahjong Titans fail to be specified in Games Explorer.

Playing this Game is not completely random. You will usually have two pairs among five tiles of the 5 most frequently played tiles in the tile layout and one pairs to the minimum. All of the tiles are organized in such a way that they can mostly be paired equally, and there are counter measures in case that the level is not the same. It does not see to that the matching tile is not placed beneath its partner. Thus, you may find that some issues occur with this game and are really difficult to be solved.

How to fix Mahjong.exe errors?

You can try disabling or enabling the game, running SFC scannow to locate and fix any corrupted system files pertaining to the Mahjong.exe error; Or trying a clean boot, restore files from earlier back and running memtest.

If nothing helps, it is time for you to take DLL TOOL for a complete and professional check and fix for your problem with Mahjong.exe or other dll files.

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