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How to fix pdm.dll errors

DLL ToolDLL TOOL downloads pdm.dll and repairs pdm.dll missing or not found for PCs installed with Microsoft OS such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

What is pdm.dll?

The dynamic link library pdm.dll includes functions for scripting components. It is described as process debug manager (PDM) and is an integral part of Visual Studio that controls programs and processes, allowing them for the session debug manager and the debug engines. The pdm.dll file is responsible for all the processes to be debugged. These kinds of program have to be registered with the PDM whenever a port or a debug engine starts the program. Its file version is

When the program is to be registered with the pdm.dll process, an instance of the PDM is generated and its IDebugProgramPublisher2 interface is obtained. The PDM is executed as a multiple-purpose server and is usually instantiated when a program is launched by Visual Studio. A call to CoCreateInstance usually feedbacks the current PDM IDebugProgramPublisher2 interface.

What are pdm.dll error messages?

  1. You use https to access the PDM configuration utility on your Cisco Pix 501 firewall. After installing Windows updates you are no longer able to connect to the firewall using your browsers. You go through each new update and uninstall them until you narrow it down to KB2661254.
  2. Had msn reinstalled 2 weeks ago and since then almost every time you are on line msn shuts down with an error message, pdm.dll.
  3. You are trying to install Adobe reader 9.2 every time you do you get this error 1321 ‘The installer has insufficient privileges to modify C: program files (x86)\ adobe\ reader9,0\ reader\ pdm.cer'.

Why do you have pdm.dll errors?

This error message will display after you downloaded some games and your machine keeps popping ‘player.exe has stopped working'. On some other games you receive message stopped working because of pdm.keylogger. After upgrading from Vista to W7 unsuccessfully, your Internet Security reported a PDM key logger kernel mode memory patch.

Pdm.keylogger is a spyware. Once installed, it would send personal information such as credit card numbers, passwords and the login information you type via your keyboard remotely to another computer for malicious purpose. Key Loggers are basically very small programs that RECORD your keyboard inputs and send them to the location that was set by the user.

This error can be caused by some changes made to the registry and system configuration and lead to issues with start up and poorer performance of your system.

Ways to remove pdm.dll error

It is suggested to get rid of Key Loggers as soon as possible, and guarantee that none of your important information/ accounts has abnormal activity on it. To be specific, you may use your Kaspersky to quarantine what it says to be the PDM key logger, and delete it after confirmation.

Check your registry for any corrupted items associated with pdm.dll file and clean them up with a professional registry cleaner. However, as for this special situation, it would be better to choose DLL TOOL which is designed to combine dll fixer with registry cleaner. All types of dll error can be checked and fixed easily and reliably by this toolkit.

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